Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Walking into the glamorous hall itself gives me a similar feeling to 20th Century Fox Movies opening before the movies...

What's more when the theme was Glam 1920s! It was like traveling back in time when I stroll past the ushers all dressed up in 1920s fashion. 

Although the venue was in the Empire City which is still under construction, they managed to turn the place around into a glamorous 1920s red carpet ambiance! The stage backdrop was shaped to the buildings of the Empire City in front of a soon to be Olympic size skating rink. The whole venue just looks like a glamorous stadium waiting for an orchestra concert to be held there.. I really like the multi level layers with a viewing deck at the very top!

Many went with the glamorous 1920s western style but I personally love to strut the red carpet with the oriental glamorous 1920s style~ The bf went with a dark navy suit and we looked like a Oriental x Western cross. :D

My look for the night;
Makeup & hairdo by Geozo from De Vogue Wedding
Qipao / Cheongsam from Chinatown
Accessories/Jewelleries from Kelvin Gems by Angi Ng Ying Ping

If you like my Oriental Glam 1920s look, give me a big like here! ;P

Love their backdrop and also a photoshoot with the antic car as the event memorabilia! Definitely an event worth looking back at in the future! The queue for the photoshoot keep going and the poor printer couldn't print fast enough! I missed out the 2nd photo collection because they were too far behind in the printing queue! >.<

I know all of you can't wait to know the best part of the event. I should really dig into the highlights of the event without further delay!

The stars started arriving around 8 pm and we could all catch them at the red carpet entrance. They were the pretty Korean boys -  2AM, famous socialite and celebrity icon - Paris Hilton, Taboo from the Black Eye Peas and Australia Got Talent's Mark Vincent! All the photographers just could not stop snapping away!

The party started with 2AM belting out three heart melting songs, sweeping the girls off their feet! Although not a K-Pop fan, I truly enjoyed their songs! :)

Then out from the top, strings of red cloth appears and 4 acrobats started to awe the crowd with their stuns. The crowd dropped their jaws even further when Caitlin De Ville appear midway, high above while creating impressive music with her violin. She definitely look stunning because I had my eyes glued on her more than the acrobats!

There wasn't room for cooling down as the party was launch with a bang, introducing the 5 core pillars of the Empire City! Confetti popped from each corner of the venue was a surprise and I wish I could have captured that magical moment!

The 5 core pillars are;


Art - by 2 amazing speed painters

Music - Mark Vincent

Performance - Contemporary Dance

Culture - Traditional Chinese Drum Performance

As the crowd warms up to the night, Paris Hilton appears to spin her disc and play her hit songs with pretty dancers along side. Many of the crowds stayed on the floor, enjoying the song and dance.

Taboo from Black Eye Peas then took over and get the crowd pumping even harder with his moves and got down to the floor to mix with the crowd! I guess nobody expected to get so close to him as that!

The rest of the night parties on with DJ Ken's ultimate beats! It is definitely a night to remember and definitely the Party of the Century! The new year couldn't have started any better.

Not to mention that the event was attended by some Hong Kong artist such as Him Law, Sharon Chan, Eliza Sum, and Elanne Kong which all I failed to get a glimpse of! >.<
But... a big thanks to Sidney and the Empire City for the invite to this really awesome party!

Pictures with splash watermarks courtesy of Juin Wai of

More info on the Party of the Century on their facebook here.  

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