Saturday, 24 January 2015

It's a brand New Year one of my goal is to keep my make up as simple as possible! I'm always more to the natural and keep it minimal look rather than heavy makeups.. unless it is for certain function / event ^^

Starting with a bare face with just application of Etude House Bb Cream. I have never bought foundation creams because I feel that they make my skin really dry.. If anyone has a better Bb Cream, please do recommend to me ^^

When I started with make up, I started with a pencil liner, then move on to liquid liner and then gel liner. I prefer gel liner because it gives me a matte finish and also better control. However, it does not do a very good job at filling those places between the lashes. 

In the other hand, liquid liner can easily be used to fill up the gap between the eye lashes. The liquid liner I previously use require me to twist it for the ink to flow out. Sometimes they just flow too much and is wasted. Liquid liner is also harder to control and usually, is smudge proof or permanent unless you remove it with make up remover. 

So, there is not much room for error when you apply with liquid liner. Also, the one I previously use takes quite sometime to dry. If I accidentally blink my eyes, I would get an irritating copy of it on my eye lid. =/

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner kind of changed my perception! There is no need to twist and the liquids just flow out moderately. It dries up pretty quickly too and the sharp tip was a breeze to control! Colour is sharp and intense too which I really like.  They come in black and also brown.

No wonder everyone talks about the Dolly Wink products! They could cost more than the average drugstore brands but is definitely worth it! They can easily be found in Sasa stores in the malls.

Next would be the lips! If you have read my Shizens Lips Tattoo post, you would have known that before I had my hand of Shizens Lips Tattoo, coloured Lip Balm is the thing which is always in my bag! Shizens Lips Tattoo gives me the longest lasting fresh natural lips colour but once in a while, I would still prefer some other lips colour to go with my #ootd.

I always wanted to try the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop but was never sure which colour would suit me and if they would be too bright! Finally I get to try the Pink Shock and I have to say, I love it!

On the left, you can see the contrast with the applied layer above and without at the bottom. Right picture would be a completed application on both lips. Love how I can have both intense colour and moist at the same time! The lip balm is infused with shea butter & Vitamin E to keep the lips moist and hydrated for 8 hours!

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop comes in a range of colours and flavour!  The one I am using is Pink Shock and watermelon flavoured. You can check them out at all leading drugstores such as Watsons, Caring, and Guardian. I think you can get it for around RM28.

For a more outgoing or classy look, I can always apply a layer of Lipgloss to promote a plum and more kissable looking lips! The HOTLIGHTS Lipgloss shown above is Sparkle 4. It is probably one of the most attentive design ever! It comes with a small light at the brush and also a reflective sticker at the back of the bottle.

Now we can apply/touch up our lips in the dark and even without a pocket mirror! All we need is this HOTLIGHTS Lipgloss! Hehe.. I'm just going to demo how it looks like when applying.

Got a big mirror hence I'm not using the reflective at the back of the bottle. So cool, right? But I would not use in front of other people in the  dark because it would look quite scary. Haha.. You get what I mean. Still, it is the most helpful invention ever when applying make up in the car. ;P

Check out the HOTLIGHTS Lipgloss at leading drugstore! They are also sold online at Watsons online at RM24.90!

...and my minimal make up look is complete! Love it? I definitely love it ^^

Maybe put on some colours on the nails too if you want an energetic look! I'm having Pink Voltage from Maybelline Colour Show here~ Blogged about the Maybelline Colour Show + Giveaway here previously and the giveaway is still going on till the end of the month! Do check it out for your chance to win some cool colour make ups!

My keeping it simple look ;P Remember, guys like girls with natural looks rather than a thick slap of make up on the face ^^ but of course, we have to make up accordingly for certain events and functions.

For day out and casual dates with the boyfriend, keep it simple. *wink*

Look of the day / year + outfit of the day! I'm going out for a casual date now, bye!

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