Friday, 9 January 2015

Drink up, be bold and own up to your baddest confession! or confessions if you have been so bad this year, I mean last year..

Or was it the other way around? Spit out your bold confessions in Guinness's Bold Confession booth and get a pint of drought beer on the house! It was my first time at Guinness Anchor Berhad Tavern Bar and I got to say I really like that bar.

The interior was like a very English setting with semi circle arch, raw brick walls and brick flooring. Even though in Malaysia warm weather, it feels like I'm at a Caucasian place. Of course being in a bar with beers helps. Haha..

Among all alchohol,  Guinness is my preference. Most girls would dislike the taste but.. I just like it.. no significant reason. Maybe I got it from my Grandpa. Hehe. So gooood to be having freshly brewed Guinness free floww~

Tapas for the night, very appetizing. From top, smoked salmon bread, minced chicken in tortilla wrap and Guinness glazed drumstick! Guinness glazed deep fried chicken/porky has always been my favourite dish and it has been such a long time since I had them. This drumstick definitely makes my heart skip a beat~

Surprisingly, it wasn't very crowded at the event. The better for me :D Right there, they still have a booth for confessions in case anyone had too much Guinness, sober up, and decided to spill some beans. Haha.

Food was buffet style and there was much to go around. One of my favourite, the lambs but I think they marinate the meat for too long because I couldn't taste the lamb. :(

Before the end of the night, the winners were announced for the best of the boldest confessions! Two of which I could definitely not forget!

1 - A guy confesses that he is in love with his best friend for the longest time but things did not work out for them because she didn't think he was serious with him and now he is totally friendzoned. Haha.. He confessed to this while his 'best friend' was in the booth with him! A #boldconfession indeed!

2 - A woman confessed something she has kept within herself for more than a year! She was randonly given an intimate wash sample while on the road but she used it as a facial wash! Did not notice it until later. Now the whole world knows her secret! I doubt I can own up to such an embarrassing confession like this! Haha..

A Friday night well spent and a great way to start my weekend. ^^

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