Saturday, 17 January 2015

Welcome to Food Heaven in Siam Paragon! Although not new, this mall has a very good maintenance team which does an awesome job keeping the mall looking like it was just launched~

Before my first visit to Bangkok (this was my second), a friend told me that I NEED to visit the food department at the ground floor. There are so much good food to try on that by the end of rounding n tasting the samples, my stomach would be filled up! No need to go for a full meal. Haha..

I didn't visit Siam Paragon during my first trip but manage to during the 2nd trip! Seems like I have missed out on so much good food! >.<

On the way down the escalator, I was already very much amused by how pretty and posh the place looks. Sounds like jakun. Haha.. but their food court is really nice! Unlike the food court in Malaysia which somehow always gives me a less hygienic feeling.

There are fast food restaurants, Japanese food restaurants and all other types but what really caught my attention is the small stall of finger food department right in front of their supermarket. They look like very clean atas street food, high class street food.

One of my favourite stall is the sausage stall! They have all types from frankfurter to short and cute cocktail sausages! Flavours are variety including types of meat. If you can take spicy food, there will be more choices for you~ It is common for their spicy sausages to be super spicy! So beware! Especialy for some one like me who cannot take spicy food >.<

Even their pork sausage with basil is spicy! Hence, do ot forget to ask them which type is not spicy at ALL if you can't take spicy food like me~  Feels like I missed out so much good food in Bangkok! >.<

Compare to the small bites and grill stalls by the road side, the price here is just slightly more expensive but I think it it reasonable as the food quality and cleanliness here is better. :)

Did I make you hungry yet? Haha..

This is their fruit milk drink. Love the intense colour and the big jug!

Ofcourse they do have fluffy and soft bakeries, dried seafood snacks, Japan cheesescake and others! Remember, must check out Siam Paragon for food!

Address: 991/1, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, 10330 Thailand.

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