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Previously, I shared my fashion shopping in Bangkok and the prominent places for shopping.

This time around, I'll be listing all the places where you can get yummy food, starting from Thai street food to Thai super spicy food! This is just a summary and I will be writing more on certain eateries which deserves an individual post by itself. Stay tune for those post. Meanwhile, you can scroll through the loooooong list of yummy spots below!

(1) Street Food from Chatuchak Maket

You can basically find lots of food stalls in the Chatuchak market itself. They are not superb delicious food but portion and taste wise, good enough to satisfy your tummy :) Food range from hawker style fried rice, soup noodle, fried pork chop, and even spanish food! Beverage wise, there are always stalls of coconut water around and other options such as cold fruit blends, coffee and such. More on Chatuchak Street food..

(2) Food at Platunam Mall / Platinum Fashion Mall

This mall is where all the crazy Malaysian tourist (myself included. Lol) go for bargain clothing. They offer a wide variety of clothing fashion that you can just keep shopping for a full day! So when you're hungry, where to grab a bite? There's a variety of stalls downstairs on the lowerground level. 

Well-known Thai cafe chain; Black Canyon cafe serves pretty decent coffee and pastries. Other than that there's a waffle / sandwhich bar and a sushi bar just behind. The waffle ham sandwich was really delicious - soft and juicy and the fresh sushi bites pretty yummy. They are all available for a decent price.

On the way to Central World from Platinum Fashion Mall, there's a hawker area by the roadside serving grilled fish and other fried dishes to go with rice. It is one of the local dish you should try. The fish is rub all over with salt and then grilled. One fish is probably enough for 2 person. The fish meat is soft and tangy, fish meat separates by pieces when picked with chopstick indicating the freshness of the fish.  However, the fish has an earthy taste which some people do not like.

(3) Variety Food in Siam Paragon Ground Floor.

On the ground floor of Siam Paragon is pretty much the food section. There are a lot of little stalls selling Thailand street food delicacies, eateries selling variety type of food such as international fast food chain, western food and even Japanese food. Everything looks so delicious, it will be tough to make some decision!

The stalls selling small bites are just in front of supermarket. Ranging from Chinese, Thai, Japanese and western yummy delicacies! Even after you had a full meal, you might feel like popping some of these bites. More on finger food section... (coming soon)

Teraoka Gyoza. Gyoza actually derived from the Chinese pan-fried dumplings. One of my favourite dish but the taste of the patty mix in the dumpling wrap differs in every restaurant as they were made with own personalized recipe. Teraoka Gyoza is a 7 times Gyoza Champion coming from Gyoza Stadium in Tokyo. It definitely sounds like they have a lot to offer~

The one thing that caught my eyes besides the really huge Gyoza is their Signature Champion Dish! Oh, how can I resist the Mentai-Cheese Gyoza? It's like a killer Gyoza! Double whammy with both mentaiko and cheese! Ugh.. such a devil dish! Albeit a little pricey, it is a must try! Their main menu comprises of Gyoza of different flavours. Besides this, they also serve udon noodles, chawan mushi and others!

Location: Ground Floor of Siam Paragon.

なんつってい Nantsuttei
Nantsuttei Ramen. I still remember I blogged about  なんつってい Nantsuttei in Japan about a year ago here and was super delighted to see a branch here at Siam Paragon! They serve one of the best pork broth ramen  and is one of the top Ramen chain in Japan! How I have longed to taste the thick addictive broth again!

So happy that I brought bf to try it out! However, I was a little disappointed that it was not as good as the one I tried at Shinagawa. I guess the best is always only made in Japan. Still, I'm sure it's one of the best ramen available in Bangkok. :)
なんつってい Nantsuttei
なんつってい Nantsuttei
なんつってい Nantsuttei

Location: Ground Floor of Siam Paragon.

After You Dessert Cafe. It's dessert time! After you is a much raved about Dessert Cafe in Bangkok. So good that even Malaysians would recommend it to their friends going over to Bangkok! The french toast is a must try! More on After You...

Location: Ground Floor of Siam Paragon.

Pancake Cafe. Another dessert cafe which is always full house! Pancake is their specialty and they sure know how to make you crave for more! One of the must visit for your food craving in Bangkok! More on Pancake Cafe... (coming soon)

Location: Ground Floor of Siam Paragon.

(4) Food at Terminal 21 Mall

There's a lot of street food on the left side of the mall across the road. What I love most is their soup base noodle or more widely known in Malaysia as boat noodle, except that the one in Bangkok comes in full size rather than a spoonful. Haha. A little differ in taste is that it is not so sour and you can actually adjust it to your liking with the additives on the table.

AuntieAnne's. Guess what is this! You won't know that this is from Auntie Anne's! I have always been a fan of their Green Tea pretzel and the addition they have in Bangkok outlet makes me so excited! Got to try! Shrimpy Cheese + Chicky Cheese = Super Duo Pretzel Bites for 130baht. Pretty good price right?

The Shrimp one seems better as there was not much minced chicken meat on top of the hotdog as you can see. If they would be more generous on the minced chicken, I would prefer the Chicky Cheese. It is a small bite cheesy pretzel bread topped with chopped hotdog topped with minced chicken meat or shrimp with cheese and tomato sauce.

Location:  Terminal 21, Lvl 3, Istanbul Zone

Farm Design. Cafe which serves all Hokkaido Cheese pastries! The Hokkaido Milk taste is really rich in all their yoghurt, cheesecake and lava cake! If you love cheese and Hokkaido Milk, this cafe is not to be missed! More on Farm Design... (coming soon)

Location:  Terminal 21, Lvl 4, San Francisco Zone

(5) Coffee Cafe Stop 

Everyday Karakarmet. Read about this cafe from a blog and it is definitely a hidden gem like it's location. Although coffee wise, it is not that great, pastries such as cakes are quite delicious. What else does this cozy cafe has to offer? More on Everyday Karakarmet... (coming soon)

Location: Yada Building, BTS Saladaeng Exit No.3

(6) Must Try Thai Cuisine!

Som Tam Nua. This is a very famous restaurant for local Thai cuisine. Everyday, there will be a queue outside the restuarant be it local or foreign customers. Name after their most favourite dish, Som Tam which translates to papaya salad, it is a must try for all spicy food lovers. What else do they have to offer? More on Som Tam Nua... (coming soon)

That's pretty much all the good food I had while in Bangkok! Although I missed the Mango Sticky Rice and Tomyam! >.<

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