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Jatujak Weekend Market or more well known as Chatuchak Weekend Market was once only a place for local traders and wholesalers. However, this market which is said to be the whole largest weekend market has now turned into one of the most popular spots for tourist as well.

Items for sale range from clothing & accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, books, antiques, food & beverages,plants and even painting & sculptures! Price range for items here are mostly affordable but not to the extend of super bargain price. Most of the time, the price you pay for also determines the quality of the product. Hence, do not expect the items to be of superb quality if you are just paying a moderate price. However, you are still bound to bump into a gem or two.

Sucker for cute rings ;P

The thing that I like about Chatuchak is that they have some indie labels selling fashion accessories and clothing. Prices are pretty reasonable as well. Part of the market are covered while part of it is facing the open space. Weather could sometimes cause some pain as it could be extremely hot. So remember to bring a light umbrella or just put on a hat and wear light / comfortable clothing.

Bf bought some shirt from this shop and I pretty like the designs and cutting. It has casual and smart designs. Especially love print collar shirts.. I like boys in British fashion style ;D

I got some items for myself as well. You can see more of the clothing I bought from this Bangkok trip here: 117: Thailand 2014 - Bangkok Shopping!
Thailand 2014 - Bangkok Shopping!

For food & beverages, they actually have lots of visible stalls selling different type of food all around in the market. Mostly are facing the open area. 1st stop before we even start shopping: Fresh Coffee Stall! Caffeine to start his engine. Haha..

Quite amusing that they do serve different type of beans but we ordered coffee of the day. I would not exactly encourage anyone to drink coffee here. It's not because their coffee are awful but because drinking coffee would make you dehydrated which is not a good thing when the temperature here is so hot =/ Still, from the look of the bean colour, I think most of them are dark roasted. So you can figure out what's the taste of the coffee ;D

For breakfast, we stop at a hawker stall offering soup noodles and also hawker style dishes. Opted for this yummy pork noodle soup. Until now I don't exactly know what is the ingredients to their soup base but.. they are always so delicious, I could slurp it all up!

This is situated on the row of shops opposite entrance 3.

For lunch we had this mee sua noodle soup + a plate of pork chop!! Pork chop is one of the things we keep ordering almost everywhere we go because don't know what magic they have in their pork, the pork chops in Bangkok is so juicy and delicioussssss! Can I have Doraemon's travel door and grab a big plate now?~  *salivating*

Coconut ice-cream!!! The bestest thing to have under the hot weather! Actually we have this is Malaysia night markets as well but just wanna try if they taste better in Thailand because I think they actually originated from Thailand, right? Anyway, verdict is... I think Malaysia one taste better. Hahaha! Such a turn off. Still, it's the best satisfying yummy food goodness you can get at the market not to mention that it comes with a cup of coconut juice which is very refreshing! 

I could not find this famous must-eat Noodle Soup with Chicken Shop the first time but went back the next day to exchange one of the dirty skirt I bought. So I took the chance to hunt for much raved about noodle shop! Read so many recommendations all around, die die must try! Haha.. So this is how the stall looks like; with a red banner stating 'Noodle Soup with Chicken'! 

Funny that they do not have an english menu and we just ordered two bowls. Heh...

The dish consist of noodle of your choice in soup with a braised chicken drumstick. Take note that the soup was of herbal broth but not too strong. Those who do not like herbal soup might want to skip this but I think most of the time, a herbal broth noodle is actually very appetizing~

I would love it more if their broth is much bolder. It's either my fault that I placed too high an expectation on their soup noodle or this place is a tad bit over-rated. >.<

Location: Section 21, Soi 29

As mentioned, Chatuchak is said to be the largest weekend market in the world. I didn't know that they actually have a map for this market during my first time there and I was just going around like a blind mouse >.< Bumping here and there then going pass the same place again. @.@ Hence, it is advisable to get a map of Chatuchak market when you head there. Along the open area, you are bound to bump into a ranger and you can actually request a map from them.

Now, how to get to Chatuchak? You can either take (1) MRT Subway to Chatuchak Park Station - exit no.1 or (2) BTS Skytrain to Mo Chit Station - exit no.1  

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