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CherryCo is like a sweet paradise beauty parlour for women to get pampered. The place which can promise much relaxation and fulfillment. Established with a committed effort and love, CherryCo provides services professionally and always strive to provide the best result for customers.
Liberating women... it says. What does it mean by that? Liberal basically means to open to new behavior or opinion while willing to discard traditional values. I can say that this is an issue that many women struggles to overcome especially those who came from a family that abides much by the traditional rules.

Waxing is definitely some what a taboo subject in the older generation as talking about removing unwanted hair from our body could make us a laughing stock among others. Not anymore due to the evolution that comes with the younger generation. Women now want to make themselves more presentable and attractive which will then give them the confidence to make the best out of their capabilities. Be respected by the opposite sex for their ability to perform and out shine at work and not be judged base on their sex.

CherryCo provides a relaxing ambiance with soft colour walls but still inject in some vibrant energy by adding in some bright colours on the furnishing and also decorations. The vibe that I feel is of a relaxing place where women can put down their responsibilities and be pampered to re-energize.

CherryCo offers professional waxing services for arms, underarm, legs, back, face, bikini line and also the intimate area. Most women find discomfort in exposing body parts such as arms and legs which are visibly hairy as it portrays less feminism. CherryCo is said to be using wax formulated in Australia which is the best and least painful of its kind even for sensitive skin. CherryCo always strive to provide the best experience and be especially gentle for first timers as waxing could make a person intimidated.

Compare to shaving, waxing gives a better result by leaving the skin silky smooth without bumps as the hairs are removed together with its roots and it will take a longer time before hair will be visible on the skin surface again.

CherryCo uses 2 types of wax; the hard wax and the soft wax. 

The hard wax is where wax raisins are melted in the wax warming pot and then applied on selected area. It will then be let cool before being pulled off together with the unwanted hair. It might sound hurtful but it is actually the more delicate wax as high graded hard wax do not stick to the skin but only on hair. 

The hard wax is usually used on sensitive and delicate area such as face, underarm and also the intimate area. They are also used on arms, legs and other area for those with sensitive skin condition.

Soft wax, on the other hand are less delicate and hence used on less delicate areas such as arms and legs. Soft wax is also commonly known as strip wax. The bar of wax will be heated to the consistency of honey and be roll across the skin. A non-woven strip will then be placed on top and slight pressure applied on top before being pulled off. This is the most common wax method used for wide area such as the arms and legs.

Soft wax method is actually very user friendly and could be done even at home. CherryCo have ready  packaged set of soft wax essentials for purchase at a reasonable price. The package includes a bar a wax refill, the wax warmer, liquid for cleansing before waxing and also lotion to be applied after waxing. Do not fret as instructions and demonstrations will be given prior to purchase to make sure that you have a grip on how it works.

CherryCo also provides professional IPL - Intense Pulse Light Treatment for women who would like to level up the game to permanently remove unwanted hair. Waxing might be an affordable way to remove unwanted hair but in the long run, IPL is the ultimate solution to permanently remove unwanted hair. After waxing, women need to go through the duration of about 2 weeks before their hair are long enough to be stripped off again. During that period of time, women would need to go through an uncomfortable, irritating and maybe embarrassing moment of  uneven hair growth.

To never go through these moments again, be hairless on certain parts and hassle free, to save your pocket in the longest run, it is best to go for IPL treatments. CherryCo laser facilitators are highly experienced and caring. They will adjust the degree of light pulse to be emitted on to your skin to kill the hair roots according to skin lightness and darkness.

Some women might find that the treatment results are very slow but this is a treatment where patience and understanding is needed. If an unsuitable degree of light pulse is set for this treatment, it might bring a reverse result where skin will be damaged. Hence, it is advisable to trust and leave it to the hand of professionals at CherryCo to provide the best treatment for your hair problem.

CherryCo has been providing nothing but satisfactory results for their past and current customers. This just proves their professionalism and also commitment in providing the best result in their services and treatments.

CherryCo has extended their promotion prices for single and also full course package till the end of January 2015 due to increased demand. The offer price are available for single waxing / IPL services and also a full course combination package. CherryCo believe that believes in combining the best of both waxing and IPL services for the best result.

I would advice to grab this opportunity and sign up with their package and it is by far the most afforable package for hair removal services especially the Brazilian Waxing & IPL. Please feel free to contact them for a consultation appointment to understand more about the services provided and get the best solution to your queries. Do not forget to quote Patricia for referral during your appointment. :)

As a beauty parlour, CherryCo also provide other services such as Manicures & Pedicures, Crafting a Bikini Body, Natural Breast Enhancement, the first Vajazzling (want to know what kinky in instore for you, drop them a message!) in Malaysia Don't forget to grab some hand made natural goodies such as scrubs, moisturizers and etc on your way out!

Excited to start right away, drop them a message or give them a call now!

address:  No.65, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810.
tel: 1700 814 838 / +603-6142 4898

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