Thursday, 22 January 2015

All of a sudden, going to Bangkok is not just about savoring Tom Yam, Mango Salad and Mango Sticky Rice anymore.Bangkok has grown and matured so fast that they are now filled with prominent malls that have a lot more to offer in terms of delicious food especially desserts.

After You Dessert Cafe was recommended by bf's friend and so she said that it's so darn good that she can have it everyday!

I was never a fan of french toast and I don't really understand why people love french toast so much. Especially dislike the peanut butter french toast because I don't like peanut butter spreads. So anything with peanut butter spread I dislike..

Shops in Thailand with English name always sounded funny. Like this one, After You Dessert Cafe. Hehe.. So unique sounding that it is has become a Thai thing. Another example would be Everyday Karakarmet Cafe which I will blog about later on..

The ambience in the cafe gives me a very clean, minimalist, comfortable and homey feeling. Glad that there was not a soul in the cafe yet when we arrived. The place is usually packed most of the time. Most people usually visit after meal for desserts but we came here for breakfast. Hehe..

Just showing my face and saying hello! In case some of you forgot how I look. Haha! People say I should take more photo with my food and te place I blog about so that it doesn't look like I took the photos of some other place in the net. Haha..

Their best seller or rather, their very signature item on the menu is the Shibuya Honey Toast. Cost 155 baht. Other than that, you can always opt for different flavours such as ferrero / nutella / sticky toffee / matcha /  cheddar / strawberry and etc!

What's a french toast without honey syrup, right? Waiting so eagerly while they prepare my toast!

Tadaa! Here's my Signature Shibuya Honey Toast! Very nice presentation, it almost looks like a prop for magazine photography! Even my camera was super mesmerized by the toast that it became dreamy and hence the toast became out of focus. Haha.

Here's a better picture. So my toast came with a squeeze of generous cream topped with some crushed nuts and two vanilla ice-cream; one on the side and one on the top. I like their generosity on creams and ice-creams to compliment the toast because if the cream and ice-cream ran out before I finish my toast or that I have to compliment my toast with them sparingly, then it won't be an enjoyable experience! 

You get what I mean right? (sometimes I just get stuck and lack the ability to convey what I want to express. Haha)

Their menu actually have a lot more to offer and all of them can make you melt once you experience them in your mouth. Yes it gives you foodgasm! Haha. I know I'll be going back there with a bigger budget to try more of their desserts! Do check out the plentiful items they have to offer in their menu here;

There are currently 10 outlets and most of them are in prominent malls around Bangkok. So it's pretty convenient to drop by at the outlet closest to where you stay or visit. 

Don't forget to indulge yourself in yummy desserts by After You when you're in Bangkok!

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