Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Everyone knows that preparing good food is the secret to a man's heart but we girls are now with a more busy schedule and it is hard to squeeze time to prepare a realllllyyyyyy good meal for our man.

So, what's the secret to an effortless delicious meal to win your man's heart?

Psst... let me reveal a cheat recipe!

First of all, you place a secret food order without his knowledge!

Then while waiting for the delicious food to arrive, you set up a simple cozy place! I placed a picnic set by our balcony so that we can have a meal overlooking the sunset! Romantic?

I'm just gonna make it simple this round. You can always put more effort by placing a picnic cloth over the table, a candlelight in the middle, and even get ready a wine bucket!

My yummy delivery order finally arrive! Yess.. my hand holding my order is very weird I know.. please excuse.. Haha! Kesian the delivery guy forced to take picture with me. Lol.

Make sure you order something which looks like you can cook. Not like Mc'Donald's Burger or Domino's Pizza! Haha..

Time to place them all nicely on plates and make sure they look like they came from your kitchen!

I had Ceasar Salad, Lamb Ribs with Grilled Salmon and sides of Mashed Potato + Broccoli.

Looks like something I can really prepare except this cheat Lamb Ribs but I guess he wouldn't really know since he have not tasted any of my cooking! Haha..

Now... some of you might be wondering where I could order something so yummy like this? It's always the Pizza, Chinese Order, the fast food such as Mc'D and KFC which has delivery right?

Well, not anymore! I actually used Foodpanda to make my order for Tony Roma's! You would be amazed at how easy you can pick your food, add them to the cart and walla! Wait for your order to arrive!

Here's the step by step on how to place your order~

(1) Download Foodpanda Apps on your mobile.
(2) Open Foodpanda and choose your desired Eatery and even search base on your area.

(3) You will then be lead to their menu. I clicked on Tony Romas and this is their menu.
(4) Click on Salad and it will then show me more Salad types. I opted for the Caesar Salad.

(5) Choose the quantity that you want. Usually it would be one and then add them to the basket.
(6) I have also added Lamb Ribs and this is what shown in my basket. You can get to your basket when you click the 'basket' icon on the top right. You can also choose for delivery or pick-up!

(7) Then I will be lead to the next page where they will show me the total of my bill and inform that delivery will be within 60 minutes.
(8) You can choose mode of payment. I just choose Cash on Delivery instead of Online  as it is more convenient for me. Then you place your order.

(9) Lastly, they will then request for your delivery information such as name, e-mail and etc followed by your address.
(10) Walla! You are done ordering. So just seat back and relax while they prepare to deliver you your cheat "home meal"! Haha.. Ofcourse, you can also use it for all occasions since it is so convenient!

Just make sure that the sun is bright and the road is not prone to jam when you order so that your order will come on time. Haha.. My order supposedly just require 1 hour to arrive but I received a call informing that there might be a delay of 30 minutes on top of the 1 hour due to the rain and jam condition.

Also, make sure to check your order upon arrival as to make sure that everything came as ordered. My salad actually came without the salad dressing and.. yea.. there was no salad dressing on my Caesar Salad. Swt. Haha.. I checked the apps and there was no contact or reference number on my order. Lazy to check further so I just make do with the Caesar Salad without the dressing. Lol! At some point, I felt like a cow eating greens. Haha.. (inside joke)

This is actually my first time ordering through Foodpanda. There has been some good reviews and there has been some bad review but do not let them deter you from ordering from Foodpanda. Every company grows and improves from mistakes. No one starts and runs a business perfectly. I have feedback my experience to them and they have apologized on that matter. This is a good food delivery concept and I hope Foodpanda will improve much to serve all their customers better.

So, yea... wanna order yummy food or a cheat "home meal", download Foodpanda and place your order! *insert cheeky smile* Do contact them directly for more info and clarification!

apps: Foodpanda
we_chat: foodpanda_my
customer care line: 1300-800-262



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