Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Most of my time have been occupied since I started to get actively involve in blogging again. With a busy schedule, somehow I feel less of a hype getting ready for Chinese New Year. This is probably the first time I actually did not fully "spring clean" my room.

If you are a Chinese girl, you will probably take this opportunity to spend a bomb on hair makeover to look good for the Chinese New Year. However, for me, I just made some casual enquiry at some salons about hair colouring and perming but ended up with just a trim all over and a hair treatment.

When I enquire about hair colour with a bright shade of gradient black-blue-white and perm, most of the stylists would first warn me about the great damage it will do to my hair, so worry-some to the extend that my hair would break. Then, they would just break into a discouraging silence..

That ends my thought for my hair makeover...

...until I chance upon a sponsored hair makeover by Divo Hair Connections thanks to MHB~

The journey started with a consultation with Bryan Gor, the founder and Creative Director of Divo Hair Connection. He asked if I have anything in mind and I showed him the photo above. After studying the photo, he asked if I usually dress up really casual or like to dress up fashionably as to decide whether the colours would be suitable for my look

In the end, we decide on bright blue and green shades for the left and right section of my hair instead of all my hair to balance out the colour and shade. He also suggested a shorter layer length for easy maintenance. (to prevent my hair ends from going to all different directions if I just perform a normal blow dry after hair wash)

I like how he takes everything into consideration during the consultation, e.g, customer's objective, suitability, practicality, sustainability and finally coming out with a perfect solution!

I was pretty excited to see the outcome as this is my first time trying out bright colours with a bleaching process. All those saying about great damage due to bleaching somehow really got me there but I decide to give it a try and put my trust on a professional like Bryan.

As usual, the process would be a haircut, bleaching, colouring, wash, blow dry! The bleaching process was done on the seat itself while the colouring was done at the hair wash bed. A support tool was place below my neck for my comfort. I have to say, it was really comfortable lying there, relaxing and resting that I almost doze off!

I couldn't help but let out a hidden happy smirk when my hair was unwrapped for blow dry. Even when it was wet, I could see the colours. The outcome when my hair was blown dry? Totally love it! There's like shades of ash green / teal / purple and everything in between!

First look of colours on both side after blow dry. If you are lucky, you'll catch a few strands of purple peeking out every now and then! Love them!

As mentioned, the colours are beautifully outstanding but it won't be too over in comparison to a whole coloured head! I love this decision by Bryan and the outcome definitely gives me a long lasting impression on his ability and professionalism in his field!

After about 2 hours through the process and curling iron, this is how my hair looks like!  Time seems to pass by so fast unlike in other salons where it takes about 3-4 hours.

Do you like what you see? I think the colours are bold and outstanding but yet easily acceptable.

Here's a comparison of before and after! I wonder if I would ever go back to only black..

After a week, with straight hairs and curved ends. (indoor lighting)

After 2 weeks,  with curls! (indoor lighting)

For more pictures with outfit, check out my instagram here: https://instagram.com/tenshichn

Again, thanks to Bryan and Andy for this amazing hair makeover! These are hands you can trust for an amazing result! Bryan has previously worked in partnership in another saloon but decided to open up one he can call his own, Divo Hair Connection at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara.

The team consist of Bryan Gor, Andy Lew and Lex Gan who are very experienced professionals in Hair Care, Scalp Care, Hair Dressing / Makeover, Creative Design besides the usual Hair Cut, Hair Colouring, Perming, Rebonding and more. *check out their work profiles in the instagram link below!

Divo Hair Connection is a very comfortable saloon with clean and simple interior of white walls, wooden furnishing of floor and tables, classic faux leather seats with a tint of red colour sofa to bring up the environment!

They are well-known for usage of Rolland O Way products which are all extremely natural and organic, all the way from Italy! The products range from normal hair care, scalp recovery and right to hair colouring!  As this brand is very exclusive, you will only find them here in the whole of Malaysia! 

Besides this, don't be alarmed when you come across a highly technology advanced equipment  for scalp treatment. Right here, they only try to provide the best for you.

Comfortable private rooms are also available for those who prefers more privacy!

Here's the affordable Price List for their services.

Membership Benefits and Referral Benefits!

If you think that this is the end, you are up for a surprise! 

Divo Hair Connection is now having a 2nd Year Anniversary promotion! You can now enjoy Hair Cut + Scalp/Hair Treatment for only RM60 nett! GST? What GST? Let me repeat again, it's RM60 nett! (valid from now till 30th April 2015 only! Hurry up!)

In hand, I am also holding two RM50 vouchers to giveaway! Leave a comment on my blogpost / instagram / facebook telling me why you deserve the voucher! Yup, just as simple as that! The lucky ones will be announced on 13th April 2015!

RM50 discount for all types of Organic Services (not applicable for hair cut)

Terms and conditions;
  1.  Only one offer may be used at any one time and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  2. Voucher must be presented when you arrive at the salon, before service.
  3. Valid for Organic Products only.
  4. Please call for availability prior to booking. (contact number below)
  5. Valid for booking on Sunday - Friday, 10.30am - 8.30pm.
If you can't wait to make an appointment with them, scroll down for the contact and give them a call right now!

Divo Hair Connection

a: 7-1, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
t: +603-6150 1910

h: 10:30am - 8:30pm / 7 days a week

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