Wednesday, 22 April 2015

おはよ~ Ohayo~ First of all, sorry to be coming back from Osaka and yet no post about my travel in Japan yet! ごめんね~ Gomen ne~

But here's something awesome to fill the gap while I sort and edit the pictures to prepare them for posting!

In this post, I will be reviewing not 1, not 2, but 3 Japanese Hair Products which I have been using to prepare and set my curls before a day out!

Products I will be reviewing today are;
  1. Utena's Matomage <Regular Hold>
  2. Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard> 
  3. Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax>

My hair has gone through rebonding last year because the laziness finally got to me. Long hair + curls are really a lot of work. So I have in and straighten them up! Much easier maintainance but I got so bored of long hair just after a while and regretted. Lol.

I've chopped my hair twice this year but the rebonding parts are still here to stay. However, I still curl my hair but the problem is that because I have gone through straightening treatments, the curls usually don't stay. So I bought some hair products to make them stay~

Firstly, very sorry for the pale face and also wearing my house tee for this review. Malaysia is getting freaking hot, I don't feel like changing into my outfit first when prepping up my hair and make up. So please bear with me >.<

First up is Utena's Matomage <Regular Hold>. They have another one which is <Super Hold>, green in colour. Got this from Japan so I'm not sure if it is available here in Malaysia. Usually, I would have doubt over the weaker product but because I can't really read what they wrote, I decided to go for the pink one because the colour looks nice. Haha. Typical girl I guess. When in doubt, choose the one which looks better ;P

However, I find the Regular Hold to be doing quite a good job or rather, an amazing job! Sufficient to hold down my baby hairs. That's the main reason I was so attracted the product when I saw it. My eyes just glitter~ You have no idea how many products I have tried to keep my baby hair at bay~

Just a simple demo to show the usage and effectiveness. As seen above, before application, my hair looks frizzy and messy, baby hair all around. Application is really easy. Just stroll the product along my hair according to the hair flow direction. 

The result is really obvious in the after picture. No more stubborn baby hair standing up! The picture kind of looked like as if it was a clean crop from photoshop instead right? That's how amazing this product is! <3

I have seen this Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax> in local Tesco before but have never thought to giving it a try because I am already using the hair spray. Decided to get the mini one in Japan to give it a try because I forgot my hair spray. Also because I got the mini one (20g. normal would be 60g) which is cute! 

However, End up they sealed it with all my other purchases because it was tax free. >.< Swt.

Anyway, I finally get to try it now that I'm out of Japan~ The texture is like a soft smooth wax. It also does not feel very sticky like most common hair wax. Apparently, this is one of the product's feature. It contains a non-sticky powder which absorbs the oil, reduce the stickiness but yet able to retain the power of wax for easy styling. Also said to be formulated with hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and non-drying effect!

How to use it? Just need to scoop up a little with my finger and rub them evenly on my fingers.. Then I just wrap my individual curls around my fingers and scrunch them upwards to secure the curls. Just as easy as that!

The curls will stay unless I run my fingers through my hairs. That would straighten and destroy the curls. >.< I guess it happens because of my rebonded hair. Which explains why I need 1 more step to secure my curls~

Last step to secure my curls with the Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard>. Got  this from one of the local Tesco as well. Should be easily available in most pharmacy convenient stores.

How to use? Just spray lightly from about 15-20cm away. Important to remember not to brush as it will destroy the holding of curls. It has a light green floral smell but I prefer not to breath while the spray lingers around. After all, they are chemicals. >.<

Although it is said to be super hard spray, it curls feels soft and natural but I would advice not to run your fingers through them to let them hold in place. It is said to make the curls last in hot and humid weather which I pretty much agree. :) 

This is how the curls look after application of Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax> and Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard> but before I wax the frizzy top and baby hair with Utena's Matomage. If you love the results, consider getting these awesome Japanese products!

Hope you guys enjoy my review! <3

Utena's Matomage <Regular Hold>
Lucido-L's Hair Spray <Super Hard> 
Lucido-L's Hair Wax <Creamy Curl Wax>

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