Friday, 17 April 2015

I love flowers! I love the light floating scent of flowers lingering around me.

I still remember the first time he gave me flowers. It happened because he got me upset with something he said. I wasn't angry at him to the unforgivable extend but the bouquet definitely led to a hidden smile deep inside. 

I knew it wasn't cheap. So I told him not to get me flowers anymore because they just wither and die easily. Said it like I don't fancy flowers that much. Deep down inside, it was like fighting the urge to look forward to another bouquet in the future. Try to be logical and sensible instead of just letting my feelings empower my brain.

After a year together, he got me flowers again! 

This time, it was like the old school way. Very old school.

2 separate bulk of flowers, which I would like to put them nicely as the old school way


Because they were not wrapped in nice placements of a bouquet. It felt like receiving those beautiful weeds and flowers which he plucked off some Springfield. Romantic?

To be honest, I was having mixed feeling when I saw him with the flowers. Love them because they are from him and they are.. well, flowers. Tad bit disappointed because if I were to receive flowers from him, I some how have an expectation of the flowers to be nicely wrapped up or at least tie into a bouquet. Can I say it's one of those silly young girl's fancy expectation I had in me? Or are there any other girls with me on this? 

I couldn't help but show my disappointment while at the same time, feeling bad for showing this feeling to him after all his effort of getting me flowers. Talk about dilemma and fighting the evil soul. But then, it wasn't really his fault. He went to a floral supplier expecting to find a florist shop which offers wrapping services. Make sense right? But to his dismay, they really don't provide wrapping service. Still, he bought them flowers, knowing I'll love them and definitely not knowing I will give him this reaction.

At the beginning, the battle of the to do and not to do rules of giving flowers to a girl keep churning in my head. I was telling myself, "if I'm a guy, I would definitely give the girl a nicely wrapped up or tied up bouquet of flower of just don't give it to her at all." I just could not sink in to naturally accept flowers in that condition.

Our expectations were so opposite.

Somehow, as the day pass and reaches dawn, the senses came to me. No grudge held, my heart just melts thinking of the flowers (resting in my pail because I don't have a vase big enough for them flowers. lol)... thinking of what he did (planning and buying those flowers for me), what he thought (my smile when I see the flowers), what he wanted most (to make me happy and feel special on this special day).

At the beginning, I reacted from my automatic mild conscious expectation (kinda like the nerve reflex before the info hits the brain) but in the end, I reacted from my conscious mind where I could feel and understand where his sweet thoughts came about.

At the end of the day, it really is the thoughts that counts!

Still, I would be prefer if the flowers were presented to me in a bouquet in the future. :D (doesn't matter if it's just held together by a string. Don't need to be fancy. Just as long as they are held together as a bouquet)

There's really no right or wrong because all humans are unique where brains think differently, expect differently. This is where both partners will need to compromise with each other. Communicate more to understand what makes each other happy and compromise on them.

Ending this with a personality question.  Which type of person are you?
  • Someone who would give presents of things which the person like and expect the same from your present giver.

  • Someone who would just appreciate anything that you receive from a person even if it is something which you do not want / dislike and expect the same from your present receiver.

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  1. I prefer useful gift rather than exp flower...i told him to jus buy a few stalk wit simple wrapping rather than during vday with those exp wrapping...but yes i loveeee flower so much!!!!i love buying flower to put in my room they make me feel happy

    1. Can't agree more! We know it's a waste to buy flowers but there's no logic to why we can't resist loving them!