Wednesday, 8 April 2015


It was a weekend of food journey as I explore the old and new all around! Most of you would think that I get a lot of food review sponsors but that is absolutely not true. If there's one person sponsoring a huge chunk of my food review, it's got to be my my bf! Hahaha.. *hugs* :D

Thick Toast was never one of my favourite food but this absolutely change my thought on it! Yes, I have to admit that Haraju Cube Honey Toast is unlike any other thick toast I have tasted. I'll reveal why soon!

There was a mass crowd over the weekend! As much as I hope there was no queue, I have to face with the reality of much waiting before I can sink my teeth in their yummy toast! Initially thought of having lunch here but am so grateful that I came after my lunch else where.

It was waiting, waiting, waiting, and more waiting after we were seated. Not very excited face, yea? Coz kinda bored of waiting already. Lol.

Bf ordered the Ham Cheese Sliced Toast while I went for the Azuki Matcha Honey Toast. By the time our orders arrived, this is no longer an after meal dessert. I was hungry again and his Ham Cheese Sliced Toast seems more tempting than mine. >.<

Ham Cheese Sliced toast - RM13.90

A well balanced flavour of ham, cheese and egg garnished with herbs and pepper. Side with a mayo potato salad. We were hungry, so it tasted really good. Lol. Ham and cheese have always been one of my favourite! With the addition of a half cooked runny egg yolk, it pretty much makes it irresistible! Still, I would prefer a little less pepper used.

 Azuki Matcha Honey Toast - RM25.90

Ask me for ice-cream flavours, mine will always be Matcha / Green Tea because I'm just crazy about Japanese Green Tea like that. At the sight of it, it feels like this dessert is meant for 3 person.. but as I gobble it up, it seems like it only takes one hungry person to down this whole Honey Toast. Haha.

A toasted 1/3 loaf of a bread topped with cream,  a huge spoonful of Matcha ice-cream, Azuki / Red Bean paste and just some squeeze of choco syrup for illustration purpose.

The ice-cream texture seems thicker and melts down more slowly, stays in solid form while I pair them with the toast bit by bit. Before I had a try on the bread skin, I was wondering why every table seems to leave out the skin. When I had a try, I finally knew why. It was really solid and hard to chew on in comparison with the skin of most bread used for toast.

As to why this is my favourite toast so far, the answer lies in the ugly picture above. Lol. Initially the thickness of the toast wasn't very appealing to me because it gives me a sight that it's just thick soft breads inside which will get stuck in between my teeth when they get soggy. Yes, that's the reason why I never liked thick toast.

The honey toast by Harajuku Cube was unlike any other. They have cut out the bread in smaller cubes and toasted them in the oven to provide a more crunchy bite for each smaller cubes. This way, their toast is not soggy and sticky when paired with ice-cream! Yums!

Other variety honey toast / sliced toast / etc offered are as the menu below;

Damage done for a date at Harajuku Cube. The price for the Honey Toast shocked me instantly when I saw the receipt. *jaw drop big time* 

Bf: Didn't you see the price when you look at the menu?

Honestly, I didn't. I also didn't expect the price to be this crazy expensive. I have say it again that their Honey Toast bread was the best I have eaten but for a price like this, I would think twice before ordering it again. >.<

Are you tempted yet?

Haraju Cube

a: Lot 103, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (above boat noodle)
t: +6016-666 5973

h: Tues - Thurs 11:00am - 11:00pm / Fri - Sat 11:00am - 12:00am / Sun 11:00am - 11:00pm



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