Thursday, 6 November 2014

People says you only get acne during your puberty period but that is unfortunately, just a myth to some extend. Even after puberty, acne continues to haunt me and they contributes to my low self-confidence and high self-awareness. The acne problem is usually caused by these few major factors; family traits / obesity / smoking / stress / diet - high glycemic diet (high carbohydrate) and high dairy products such as milk and ice-cream.

For my case, it is definitely family trait, stress and hormone imbalance which occurs every month! *sigh* Therefore, I am always on the look out for acne products which can help subside the condition as much as possible especially during stress and when hormone imbalance occurs. What makes matter worse is the humid weather we have in Malaysia which makes us prone to sweats and oily skin.

Benzac, the trusted solution to acne-free skin has finally launched it's highly popular swiss-formulated acne-solution range in Malaysia! Benzac by Galderma understands the negative impact acne has on all of us and that it can even lead to depression!

The launch started with a welcoming speech by Jean Sebastian Richard (General Manager of South East Asia, Galderma), followed by talk on acne by Dr Norazirah Bt Md Nor (Consultant Dermatologist from UKM Medical Centre) and introduction of Benzac Skincare by Mr.Teh Chean Boon (Sales and Marketing Manager of Galderma Malaysia)

Galderma presented a pain-free and fuss-free two-step system in it's product depending on skin type; 1) oily & combination skin and 2) sensitive to normal skin.
Step 1: Cleanse & Scrub
Use Benzac Daily Facial Liquid / Foam Cleanser;
- for oily to combination skin to control oiliness without drying skin, remove impurities & unblock pores, hydrates and soften skin with natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Calendula.
- for sensitive to normal skin to remove impurities and help unblock pores, form a hydrating, non-greasy protective film, hydrate and soften skin with natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Calendula.
Use Benzac Facial Scrub if only face is not filled with acne and should also be used in area where acne is not visible to remove impurities & clear pores, gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin, reduce skin oiliness.

Step 2: Treat
Use Benzac AC Gel which is hard on acne but soft on skin because it is a water based formulation! It kills 94% of P acne bacteria, unclog pores, blackheads & whiteheads, reduces inflammation & dry the acnes, absorbs up to 4 times the excessive sebum from the skin surface and is less drying & irritating compared to alcohol-ased benzoyl peroxide!

Suited to my skin type, I have tried the oily to combination range and this is my experience;
foam cleanser - gentle to the skin and has a tint of supple baby lotion smell; skin feels really clean after wash but does not feel dry at all.
liquid cleanser - just need to squeeze a small 10 cents amount onto palm and rub them till foam forms and wash face in circular motion. feels and smells the same as above.
facial scrub - beads in the scrub is very tiny and gentle. Just need to scrub face gently in circular motion.
AC Gel - white cream like texture with no smell and does not tingle when applied on acne. Acnes dry up and subsides. Also calms down inflammation. The best acne gel I have encountered so far.


Have been using it for a few days and so far, the acne control seems to be working well. No wonder Benzac created a hype all over the world! If you would like to give it a try, head on to Caring Pharmacy now till end of December as they are having promotion prices!

For more info, please head to their facebook!



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