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Was invited for food review with fellow blogger babes!

A great place for small get together to catch up with friends at the comfort of home cook style meals. :)

From L to R:  
The Award Winning Honey Bee (RM12.00) - East meets west in a concoction in a refreshing and herbaceous flavour.
Shaken Cranberry Tea - (RM10.00) - Soothing teas with a hint of cranberry

Fizzy Blue Lemonade (RM10.00) -  A pineapple infused favourite
Sirap Bandung (RM8.00) - A classic drink which is infused with rose, soda and Australian milk.

Lychee Virgin Mojito (RM10.00) - Your virgin mojito with a local twist
The Rocher (RM12.00) - Chocolate hazelnut milkshake

First pick off the menu most of the time is always drinks! Here is some of Tossed! Signature Drinks; the Seven Stars. Most of them being pretty impressive in terms of presentation but how do they fare in terms of taste?

The prettiest drinks would be those two at the centre; Fizzy Blue Lemonade which reminds me of Hawaii Beach and Sirap Bandung which looks more milky and sweet in colour compare to the common ones.  

Drinks which perked my interest would be the Award Winning Honey Bee; a concoction of refreshing lemongrass, honey, mint leaves n etc, Shaken Cranberry Tea; a new fresh mixture taste to the buds, I'm guessing tea with wolfberries.. and lastly the Fizzy Blue Lemonade; a lovely taste of infused pineapples to the usual lemonade drink.


Tossed! Signature Fruit Salad (RM18.90) - an explosion of colour and flavour tossing fresh fruits and vegetables with homemade vinaigrette.

Being a more health conscious society now, selections of salad has become an important part of the menu. Rarely have I come across eatery serving fruit salads. Chinese practice fruit eating after meals but having fruits before meals is actually better as our system will be able to fully absorb the goodness of fruits before anything else.

I'm sure this fruit salad is a favourite among girls! Save all the hassle of washing, peeling and cutting! Just need to go to Tossed! for a platter of variable fresh fruit salads to tantalize our taste buds! <3

Mediterranean Lamb Salad (RM19.90) - juicy boneless leg of lamb marinated in a Mediterranean style accompanied with feta cheese over a bed of salad and finish off with a balsamic reduction.

As a lamb meat lover, I was really looking forward to this. I am starting to love salads dressed with  balsamic vinegar as it adds a light flavour to the salad without covering the taste of the salad ingredients. Feta cheese can never go wrong with tomato slices and having them together just soothes the tongue. Nibbling in a piece or two of the marinated lamb bites every now and then teases the taste bud, making me ask for more.

Recommended for lamb lovers.

Basil Pesto (RM18.90) - chicken fillet served in a creamy pesto.

Digging in to the Pasta Section now, we were first served with the Basil Pesto. The serving here has a thicker basil paste rather than being made up mostly of olive oil. This is my first Basil Pesto and I can see myself ordering it again during my next visit. It does not feel like munching on green flavoured pasta, instead the pesto sauce taste of flavourful fresh herbs with some pine nuts.

Carbonara (RM18.90) - Turkey ham and mushrooms in an egg and cream based sauce.

A pretty common pasta choice I would say but Carbonara lovers never tire from ordering their favourite.

Salmone (RM20.90) - A salmone infused tomato sauce.

I enjoy the flavoured salmon chunks together with the Fusilli pasta coated in tomato sauce. Doubt it is just any other tomato sauce but one infused with fragrant cheese to bring the flavours up another notch.

Recommended as well because I love the cheese infused tomato sauce and the salmon chunks~

Tossed! Beef Burger (RM22.90) - Home cooked style gourmet beef patty slapped together with a slic of aged cheddar and an array of fresh vegetables in a bun which will surely satisfy.

I can't taste this burger due to religious reason but my friend do assure me that the Australian imported beef patty is tender and juicy! Try it out and let me know if it gave you a moment of foodgasm! Haha..

Laksa Johor (RM16.90) - Spaghetti in slowly simmered fish gravy topped with fresh vegetables served with a homemade sambal.

As with the drinks, Tossed! don't only serve western menu but also local delights as well! From the first spoon, I realise it wasn't the usual local yellow noodle used (I didn't look at the menu). Found out that they actually use spaghetti for this! I have to say that it was a great replacement!

The use of spaghetti noodles dismiss the after taste of yellow noodles (from the use of lye water) which can be very unappetizing. I also prefer the spaghetti noodle due to a smoother and more solid texture in comparison.

The soup base isn't spicy but a tad bit too salty. I would prefer it to be more flavourful but the moderate flavour highlights the flavours of the fresh condiments.

A table of selections..

Spicy Seared Salmon (RM14.90) -  salmon pieces seared to perfection with chilli and an assortment of spices.

A little oily but it is unavoidable for deep fried or seared dishes. Very aromatic and tantalizing, these salmon bites could easily be addictive. Alone, the salmon chunks are not spicy unless you pair them with the chilli sauce which came with it.

 Crispy Spicy Lamb (RM15.90) - Lamb fried crispy with a deep fried sambal.

A dish made with referral to the Ayam Penyet style, the lamb chunks are coated with a thick layer of sambal and then deep fried for crispiness.

First bite and I could taste the strong saltiness and sambal coating which completely covers up the flavour of the lamb meat. If served with rice, the taste would be toned down and is just right. However I still find the lambs too dry and hard to tear apart.

Although not my preference, some of you might like how the lamb is prepared.

Triple Melt Cheese Toast (RM12.90) - an assortment of three cheeses melted between toasted bread.

This is very much a home comfort food. Easy to prepare, it reminds me back to the times when I need a quick fix to a yummy and comforting meal.

I would actually expect a little more off this toast to earn it's place in the menu but for those who are looking to get nostalgic with homey toast, you know where to find them!


Art of Tea (RM8.00) -  a choices of Tropical Fruit / Earl Grey Lavender / English Blend / Jasmine

Other than their signature drinks, you can opt for something more common such as range of tea, coffee, chocolate, fresh juices and others.


Mocha (RM11.00) | Source: 1

Hot Coffee - Cafe Latte (RM10) | Source: 1

Here's a look at the full menu so that you will be able to decide before even heading there!

Thanks Ronald for the invitation :) | Source: 1


a: 4.51, Level 4, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan 14/17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
t: +603 7931 8994

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