Monday, 6 April 2015

Being a city girl, I'm always excited about all the new things / all the new hype going around in the young generation circle. My bf is pretty much the opposite. He is more aware of all the old sentimental treasures that still lie around the city. Don't get me wrong, I love them too but perhaps it is because I am more to English educated (yup, I can't read Chinese), hence I have less exposure towards the Chinese happenings and stories around. I do know I have been losing out a lot, hence, I'm really glad my bf is so Chinese. ^^

We had a taste of Foochow noodle this weekend! Right in this corner shop lies a traditional recipe of Foochow Red Wine soup base noodle! 

Although I used to frequent this area, I do not know of this shop's existence at all! 

The mention of Red Wine soup base perked my interest. The Chinese Rice Wine Chicken is one of my favourite and I was hoping for a similar experience in this shop.

Barley - RM1.80

In-house Leong Sui, a typical sight in most Chinese Coffee House. Barley would be a good choice to reduce all the "heat" in our body. 

Foochow Red Wine Rice Vermicelli Noodle (thick) RM9.00(S) /  RM10.00(B)

We ordered the recommended in the shop with two different types of noodle; Foochow Red Wine Rice Vermicelli Noodle (thick) and Foochow Red Wine Chicken Noodle (Mee Suah). Portion is just right for a person.

Personally, the bowl of noodles look very promising when they arrive but the lack of aroma somehow makes something feel amiss. True enough, the flavour was mild. The taste of red wine in the soup was very minimal with a salty hint of fermented beancurd / fu yu (not sure if it does contain this).

The adjustment of flavour could be to fit the taste of majority or it could be due to the increase of ingredient prices.. I'm not sure. What I am sure is that this original gem is slowly diminishing with time..

At the sight of Rice Vermicelli Noodle (thick) on the menu, it sounds like something I have not heard of before. The noodle turn out to be similar with those used for Asam Laksa but a tad bit thinner in comparison. It goes quite well with the soup except that it further reduce the taste of a spoonful because the nature of the noodle does not absorb the soup flavour.
Foochow Red Wine Chicken Noodle  RM9.00(S) /  RM10.00(B)

Chicken Noodle (Mee Suah) in the other hand, is like a slightly thicker version of the thin/normal Rice Vermicelli Noodle but the noodle tends to absorb liquid pretty quickly leaving it thicker and softer easily. This noodle can easily become soggy if left in the soup for too long which makes me have less preference for this noodle.

Next time, I would place my preference on the Eggy Noodle. Noodle choice depends on personal preference and other options include Rice Vermicelli (Bee Hoon), normal Yellow Noodle (Mee) and Flat Rice Vermicelli (Hor Fun) noodle.

Foochow Fish ball RM3.00

We added side dish of Foochow Fish ball which cost RM1.00 each and Foochow Fried Pancake at RM1.80 each (said to be available every Sat and Sunday in the menu) but was told that it's only available on Sunday! So, better visit on Sunday to have a taste of this, must try item!

The texture of the fishball was solid but unlike those common ones with too bouncy feeling.The fish ball also has a filling of tasty grinned pork. I would love to order it again!

Please refer below for a complete menu;

Foochow Noodle Menu

Side Order / Small Bite / Drinks Menu

 Taiwan Frozen Dumplings

The other specialty here is the own made Taiwan Frozen Dumplings and other frozen food! They are available for purchase in frozen food form for your to savour at home. These are good old recipes and process I would trust with a very proud A Grade for cleanliness!

There was no crowd when I was there but a constant occupancy of 2 - 3 tables of customers who still appreciates the flavour. It is kind of sad to see this place bound to be one of the local treasure which will lose it's shine in the city and slowly disappear with the older generation. 

The sight of cut out newspaper articles tell that this place was once famous and the dishes very much sought after.

If you are one that loves to experience the local sentimental treasures, better be quick to give this place a try before it became history in just papers. OR perhaps just bring your parents / grandparents to savour this old flvaour of their era.

Taste of Foochow

a: 14, Jalan Gajah, Off Jalan Yew, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
t: +603-9281 8788 / +6012-284 0388

h: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 4:00pm




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