Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My friend went to Singapore and all he got for me is this Goat Gong Xi Fa Cai T! *hmph*

Nah, it's actually a pretty awesome Cny gift ;P Just hope that no one mistakes me as a beer girl. Lol!

Still, it would have been so much better if he brought back some Mountain Goats for me to try too! Ahh... he just made me long for something I can't have right now. =/

Anyway, for those of you who wants to get this limited edition tee too, you can only get it from Singapore. Lucky for those who are in Singapore!

The t-shirt is free with every purchase of any 6 packs of Mountain Goat beers at Thirsty - Craft Beer Shop. Available both in-store and also online till 28th February 2015!

Better hurry up because the amount is really limited and apparently, it's already running out of stock!

It's also available at Bergs at Haji Lane and also Jlbiru at Somerset !

In case you are wondering what they are like...

Quick get your packs of Mountain Goat beers and the limited edition Goat Xi Fa Cai t-shirt now! More info @ https://www.facebook.com/thirstySG/posts/864471876937453

Sg importer: http://roguemerchants.com/
website: http://www.goatbeer.com.au

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