Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Initially wanted to go to Number76 for haircut before Chinese New Year but they were freakin fully booked! It's crazy!

So I had to just to some random salon opposite my house for a haircut. I asked for a trim and get it layered. I think I got a cut and my hair just got thicker.. zzz.. Don't know how that could happen.

So last month, decided to go to Number76, and look for Amy to layer my hair :) First visit to their new Bangsar2 branch, just right beside the Bangsar Poslaju.

Super in love with their floor tiles design! Always fascinated with these small tiles design. Might even consider it for my new home! If I have one*

View of counter. Interior is very relaxing and actually gives out a happy vibe.

Interior of the salon. Very chich, huh? Usually salon interiors are really boring... but definitely not Number76 Salons. Love the concept!

Seated at the end.. and coincidentally, seated at the same place for my second visit there as well. Hmm.. must have my name written on it.. Lol. Jus kidding! ;D

Outcome of the cut! Nice? ;P Can see my happy satisfied face. Haha.

2nd visit, as mentioned, seated at the same spot again. Lol. This time, had a booking with Yamamoto-san. Number76 was having a promo of 50% all services except treatment I think but only applies to certain hair dresser and Yamamoto-san was one of them. Great chance for me to go for rebonding and highlight!

There's quite many involved in my hair-do. This guy who I had quite a nice chat with. I'm sorry I don't know his name >.<'

And these two stylish and pretty girl who did my highlight for me! 

I told Yamamoto-san I wanted something around red-maroon-purple and he told me I actually need to bleach my hair for these colours. Quite saddening but I did actually remember I did a redish maroon before without bleaching. He thought for a bit and came back to me with another colour book. He point to this redish maroon colour and told me that I do not have to bleach for this and the colour is obvious enough. I'm just happy to take it! ^^

The highlight technique was actually something different form what I am familiar with. I was expecting them to extract a thick strand of hair and highlight them. Obvious colour difference on alternative strands. Here, they extract a thick strand of hair and then extract thin alternate strands of hair from that thick strand to be highlighted.

At first, I actually prefer the one I was expecting but the hair turn out really good from what they did :)

 The outcome. Can't really see the highlights from the picture I guess... looks more like I coloured the whole head huh? Haha..

So, look for Yamamoto-san if you want your hair done to be something like mine! :)

Visit for more info and promotions! They have different promotions every month which are too amazing to be missed!

By the way, if you look carefully on the 3rd last picture with the 2 leng lui, you will notice a Post a Photo and Check-in Promo. Basically when you visit Number76 and do that, you get a RM20 voucher! Promo until May I think.

Visit their website for more info! It's so convenient that you can even make reservation on the website! Awesome, right?

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