Monday, 9 February 2015

It's time to put up all the unwanted items on my Carousell Market!

2 more weeks till it's Chinese New Year and I still have piles of stuff at home to clear! It's crazy to try to make space and clear off unwanted items once and for all before Chinese New Year! 

It would be a waste to throw them all away but I really do not have the time to hold a garage sale! Not like there will be people coming to my house for a garage sale as well. *laughs*

What else can I do? I guess it's time to put them all up on my virtual Carousell market space!

If you have not stumble across Carousell, it is actually a FREE mobile apps providing services of setting up a FREE virtual stall of your own, selling items which you no longer want / need. It is a very user-friendly mobile app. so easy, you don't even need a dummy guide for it but I'll just share some previews here;

This is how the Carousell Market looks on the apps. Firstly you choose the category and all items under the category will be listed for easy viewing.

To add an item to you shop, press on the sell at the top right and you will be ask for picture source: gallery / camera. there are also tools for you to edit / beautify your photo.

Then you will be required to insert information about the item you would like to sell such as category / item name & description / price. you can also add more photo and also decide if you want to share on other social network such as twitter / facebook wall.

Once all info are good to go, submit your items! You can also share to facebook groups!

Sharing your post on facebook group is new and you can do it by pressing on the 3 dots below the item picture. You will then be led to the page on the right. If you are not in any selling groups, you can join the suggested groups. Once joined, tick on them and press on the post to groups now! Just that simple!

I have tried this app before but unfortunately, have not successfully sold anything. I guess thins are picking up much slower in comparison to Singapore where more than thousands of transactions have gone through!

But there's no harm trying again now that they cna be posted to facebook groups as well! Do follow my account @ Tenshichn and feel free to buy anything listed! There will definitely be more to come!

For more info, please do check them out!


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