Friday, 6 February 2015

The Pulse Label was launched at The Heli Lounge on the 22nd of January 2015. Dubbed as Malaysia's Biggest Record Label Launch, the highlight of the event was the actual launch of PulseSoundWorks as a new Malaysian Independent Record Label and also the introduction of their debut compilation album featuring names such as Armon, Psytrus, R2Rick, Hard Candy and more..

Led by Madan Psytrus, Pulse Soundworks which was originally established as a recording and rehearsal studio back in 2012 is now an awesome Record Label, Digital Music Distributor and Audio Production Studio

Much handwork can be seen in creating a base to assist local music talents in terms of management, marketing and development of music + the artists themselves.

These services are provided by not simply anyone but Armon; the homegrown rapper with a cause, Psytrus; singer-songwrite, Alex Chandran; harmonica virtuoso, and HardCandy & Notyre; Pop-rock bands.

They have a goal of releasing a compilation album every quarter and their first this year includes feature of R2Rick, Endleaves, and Hameer Zawawi.

Without further a due, let me introduce the main featured compilation artiste; R2Rick

He's an upcoming Eurasian singer/songwriter/producer who's current single Stay Tonight is signed under International EDM Label - Semitrance Records Europe and was released in November 2014.

To date, R2Rick has performed in several live showcases, charity events, performances and interviews with songs played on Traxx Fm and Fly Fm.

Should anyone be interested in the Pulse Soundworks Q1 Compilation Album featuring the below, do drop me a message!

1 Silverline Armon
2 KL City Lights Psytrus
3 Hot Streak R2Rick feat. Armon
4 Do you Feel HardCandy
5 Over The Endleaves
6 Get on the Floor Armon & HardCandy
7 Zombie Town Hameer Zawawi

For more info, please do check out !

Photos courtesy of Geozo & Pulse Soundworks!

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