Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I'm sorry for not religiously updating my blog during CNY but here's a related one to make up for it! Read up till the end and you might have the chance to win some XES goodies with me!

The Christmas event last year was awesome and I can't help looking forward to this event day! As expected, it wasn't any less compare to last year! Thanks to Sabrina Quigley for another fun filled event! 

Totally did not expect it but we were to leave our signature down on a long piece of white paper with Chinese calligraphy brush and ink at the entrance! I started to feel the CNY vibe right from the registry table!

Then I was led to this table with a small pail of chopsticks! 

Like the tradition of shaking a casing of sticks till one of it drops out. The number on the stick will then lead the person to a piece of paper indicating good / bad luck the person is bearing at the moment or in the near future!

But this only leads us to lucky notes hung up on the red cherry blossom tree! Really love the CNY environment they have set up the place to be! 

Everyone's so busy with the red blossom tree. Haha..

Joining us in the event it the Choi San Yeh (Prosperity God) who gave us all Ang Pau (red packet) for good lucks, the beautiful Goddesses in red and yellow with the pretty Mico Pun, XES ambassador!

Even the Lou Sang is written in XES! Special, right?


And here's so a better Goat Year ahead! Everyone enjoying the Lou Sang with all smiles!

Cute Chinese Decorations

What's a Chinese New Year celebration without fooooood, right? So much food to keep our tummy satisfied!

Definitely a fun filled event with all blogger friends and meeting new faces!

The fun doesn't end there! It was a delightful surprise to know that Sense & Style Beauty Academy was there to sponsor us all a make up and hair do session! It was a pampering session to doll us up for a magazine cover photoshoot!

I'm not really going to be the cover girl of a magazine but if I get enough love / vote from you guys, I will win crazy whooping prizes from XES! That's not the most exciting part yet!

The most exciting part is that I will win the prizes together with YOU! 10 of you will receive a gift sets worth RM188 each! Let's vote here to win this together!

Remember to vote for me here!
To help us all prepare for Chinese New Year looks, Sense & Style Beauty Academy have also conducted a Hair Styling Demonstration, sharing 3 different hair styles which can be done within 10 minutes suitable for Chinese New Year! Very thoughtful of them, I have to say!

XES has always been a brand which offers trendy and stylish footwear and bags at an affordable price but never compromise on the quality itself. Being this, they have gathered a lot of support from returning customers! If you have not tried on any XES products, perhaps it's time to check them out now! 

We hereby wish all of you a Prosperous Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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