Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Remember those western movies where they always show the scene of a dry and dusty road towards the horizon, with sand  everywhere and dry grass ball lightly roll by as they were blown by the wind... Then they would focus on some rather filthy or rugged person trying to stop a passing car to get a ride.

As a kid, I used to wonder what it was all about and why they would want to do something like this. Don't they have a car or something? Isn't it dangerous to get into a stranger's car?  Hitchhiking was a strange word to me back then as I was raised in a a city and when we don't have cars, we go by the monorail, bus or taxi. Also, mom always said to stay away from strangers, what not getting into the car of a stranger.

But as I grow up, I start to understand that hitchhiking is more of a western culture and not so much of the Asian. Same as carpooling, we Malaysians rarely even suggest it because again, as Asians, are more conservative people. If possible, we would all avoid the topic unless it is carpooling with people from our trusted and comfortable social circle.

We can't be blamed for having this attitude due to the crime rate in Malaysia. All our family members always try to keep track of our whereabouts just to know that we are still safe while wondering out there from home.

It was only a year back or so that we as Malaysians try to embed the culture of carpooling into our lives due to the hike in petrol price. However, this also limits to the trusted people in our social circle. If we can't carpool, our only choice is to go for an affordable transportation which means.. the Ktm / Public Bus / Monorail / Teksi. Level of comfort is of course depends on the budget we have and we know how some rides are unbearable on a long journey.

On the other hand, we might be some one who has a car and often travels alone. However, the thought of being not environmentally friendly or spending so much on travel bothers us and that we actually do not mind offering our seats for people going on the same journey!

I would like to announce that I have recently carpooled with a stranger and I got to say it was an awesome ride!

How did I do it? I went on trippin', trippin' the Tripda way! 

That's my too excited face because I completed my first trip with my pretty driver through Tripda! Can't believe I was in an awesome comfortable car from my departure to my arrival point and it cost so much less compare to a taxi trip from the nearest LRT station to my house! Safe and sound! *plays Taylor's Safe n' Sound song at the background. Lol.

Definitely can't wait to trippin' again!

So, what's Tripda, yo? Tripda is a carpooling platform that connects drivers who would like to give their empty seats to commuters looking for ride at the most convenient and affordable way! Some of you would still be skeptical about the idea of carpooling with Tripda while for others, numerous questions would have already popped up about it.

I'll just bring you through this very useful apps slowly..

How Does It Works? Easy!
1 - Download the Tripda app from Apple App Store / Google Play /
2 - Register yourself with the app by connecting your facebook to it.
3(a) - Driver: Set up your ride offer.
3(b) - Passenger: Look for your ride.
4 - Agree on a pick up & ride!
5 - Go on the ride and enjoy!
6 - Rate and review the trippin' with Tripda!

It's really easy as the app is really user friendly!

But.. is it safe to use? Yes, it is! You would not believe the amount of safety measures taken!

1 -  User rating system! Users get to rate their ride / experience on each other (driver & passenger) so as to inform others it certain person are reliable or not!
2 - Ladies only rides! If you are a lady and you are not comfortable with sharing the ride with a man, then be it! No man on the ride! Woohoo!
3 - Verification on mobile & email! One of the many measures taken for verification!
4 - Facebook Login only! Getting a few info off facebook for verification as well! Some member with only a few friends? Well, better look for a member with a better profile!
5 - Freeedom to choose! Got to be wise in this! Definitely don't choose anyone who seems fishy!
6 - Trusted Domains! The latest safety verification feature! Users of certain university/corporation will be certified to be in association to the university/corporation. This helps to identify the association and hence create another level of certainty and  trust!

Okay, it's safe and convenient but what else?

Oh come on! If that's not convincing enough, I have more to share!

1 - Save on pennies! Literally pennies but actually it's a lot more! Take for example, this comfortable ride from Cyberjaya to Negeri Sembilan only cost RM13! It's more of a courtesy payment rather than a real travel charge!

2 - Make a friend! Have you heard of the proverb which goes like this: having one more friend is having one less enemy? Yup! Making friends is definitely better and actually reduced your chance of making a new enemy! Who knows, you might find your bff / future half through Tripda? It certainly can go that crazy!

3 - Do mother nature a favor! Save a ride, save the environment! I know the petrol price has just gone down but that does not mean the petrol used for a separate ride going through the same route is lesser too! Think of the amount of pollution you can reduce and make this world a better place for the next generation. Decisions are in your hand. Make a wise one.

I don't think you would need anymore reason to go trippin' with Tripda, aight? Download this app right now! Just in time to get trippin' with all Tripda members this festive season!



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