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I NEED a MACAU escapade!

More often than not, I was brushed off when I voice out about traveling to Macau.

Rather, people around me would try to change my opinion on the travel destination to places like Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea and etc. This explains why I still have not set foot on Macau all my life despite having traveled to numerous places further than Macau!

Most people thought that there was nothing worth exploring in Macau and hence not worth their time and money but I always thought otherwise. I always dream about the things I am going to taste, the places I am going to explore, the cool experiences I am going to get AND blogging all about it!

So, what's the great deal about Macau and why am I so persistent about visiting Macau? Boy, if you are asking me this question, you are missing out so much!

Let's get started with (1)food! A hungry man is an angry man. So, what's better than to start touring Macau with a satisfied tummy!

Eating in Macau brings an experience which you are very unlikely to get from most Asian countries. Having been a home for the Portuguese colony sometime ago, the local flavour in Macau has been shaped along the fusion between Portuguese and Chinese recipes, calling it the Macanese cuisine!

The few famous die die must eats are such as;

- the famous Portugese Egg Tarts from Margaret's Cafe e Nata and Lord Stow's Bakery. Both places offers piping hot fresh out of the oven Portuguese Egg Tarts for best experience! Guaranteed to taste absolutely more yummy than those you can find in the local bakeries!

- the delicious Pork Chop Bun! Available at Tai Lei Loi Kei! Advised to not only savour the Pork Chop by itself but enhance the experience by savouring it with the crispy on the inside but soft on the outside bun!

- the favourite Macanese Sawdust Pudding / Serradura Pudding! It's so sought after that you can practically find it in a lot of places including sweet/dessert stalls  and menu of eateries around Macau.

- the meaty Minchi, a dish base on minced meats, flavored with soy sauce and molasses served with rice and a fried egg. Looks so good, I feel like cooking them myself! Found a recipe here;

Others include the African Chicken, Caldo Verde, Baked Balcalhau, Ginger Milk Pudding, and small bites like the Almond Cookies and Bakkwa from the Snack Street!

Now that we are fully energized with super delicious food, it's time to pamper our other senses with eye opening sights and great experiences!

What to do in boring Macau you asked. I'll bring you through a journey and  make sure you take back that word by the end of the post and beg me to take you to Macau!

Again, Macau is a place with Portuguese and Chinese heritage. So don't be confused if you see the crossing influences of Chinese and Portuguese!

Let the (2)sightseeing journey begin!

- The ruins of St. Paul. I'm sure this is no stranger to many of you. You and me would have seen it before in some printed paper or moving pictures but that does not bore me! It only makes me want to stand in front of it more, experience it for myself the beauty of those ruins. Somehow, that place gives me a very soothing feeling.

- the A-Ma Temple,  constructed approximately on year 1488, the temple is believed to be full of historic elements. So interesting is that even the source of Macau's name came from the temple's name. How so? That you got to find out for yourself.

- Venetian Macau, a distraction away from the Heritage Sites. Created to mimic the scenery of Venice, it is one of the most romantic places to relax with your other half or have a family time enjoying the acts by street performers. Time to take loads of picture and tell your friends you just came back from Venice!

These are just some places to name a few! Even though a small place, Macau is filled with many heritage sites especially protected by the UNESCO with many historical values and stories to tell.

For those who are looking for some (3) new experience and excitement, Macau has no less to offer!

- Venetian Macau offers one of the world largest casino is the world! Even though you might not be interested to place a bet, you will still be amused with all things happening in there! A stroll will keep your eyes busy right from the moment  you enter till the moment you exit as you pass by different segments of games. For some romance, you can go for a ride on an authentic gondola and experience the ride as if in Venice!

- Macau Grand Prix. Something to get you excited all over! Unlike many countries with built in tracks, the race in Macao is held on one of the toughest street circuits in the world! Imagine those eargasm experience from the sound and eye widening sights of those zooming race machines from the balcony of you room! Definitely an experience you should go for in a lifetime!

- Macau Tower, offering one of the craziest experience in the world with the highest bungee jump available! Not for the faint hearted, this experience is bound to stay with you for the rest of your life! Would you be game for it? Definitely something to add to our to-do list while we are still young! My heart even skipped a beat thinking about this!

- Flea market at Rua da Tercena is actually a place where you can still experience the true historical and cultural side of Macau. Personally, I am a fan of these spots because this is where I can step back in time and experience their history alive.You also get to shop a little, buying items you don't usually get else where.

There's just so much to eat, to see, to experience, I doubt I can even do it all in just a 3 days 2 nights trip but I'mma try to squeeze 'em all in my itinerary and bring back all the photos and stories to share with all my readers and everyone else!

I'm telling so much as though I'm just back from Macau that some people might think that I'm just trying to sell Macau as a tourist spot! Therefore, Macau Government Tourist Office and Nuffnang got to send me there so that I can prove that I wasn't just telling white lies but everything facts! That Macau is indeed a magnificent tourist spot not to be overlooked or be hovered over by other tourist destinations!

Those who brushed off my invite to visit Macau with me might even be jealous with my trip if I get to go and come back to write a series of awesome post about the trip! I will most probably throw in a recommended  itinerary which I planned for the trip as well! If I get my bf / my family / my friends jealous of my Macau story,  I guess I wouldn't mind going for a second round of awesomeness! *too early to dream* Haha..

With this, I hope Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia will realize my dream! <3

For those who's interest I've perked on booking the next flight to Macau, you should also check out Macau Government Tourist Office's official website and official Facebook page for more info!

Psst! You can even win 2 tickets to Macau by creating a Macau wishlist! Join this contest on their official Facebook page now!

Good luck to everyone eyeing the Macau Trip!

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