Friday, 14 November 2014

After dreaming about all those personalized Magnum Ice-creams I saw in instagram and hearing all about it, Magnum Cafe is finally here in Malaysia!

To make a grand launching of the first Magnum Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, they decided to giveaway 500 personalized ice-creams to the first 500 Magnum fans who visited the cafe!

Even before the cafe draws up their grill at 10.00a.m., Magnum fans are already queuing and creating a centipede line on the top floor! By the time I was there around 9.45a.m., the estimated number is around 300! Kinda scary isn't it? 

I guess standing at Number 300 isn't too bad but I wonder how long it will take for me to reach the counter. We estimated around 3 hours but at the same time hoped that it would not take that long >.<

The cafe finally open up and I think this is the first guy who get to savour the first personalized Magnum in Magnum Cafe KL! The line started to go forward really fast after about half an hour. I thought Magnum was super efficient at work but only to find out the line was just detoured to another area >.<

After more than 2 hours of waiting!! I was starting to get agitated >.< Why so looooonnngggg~ I found out that there is only 4 person serving at the bar! I wish there were at least 6-7 person to serve efficiently without us fans waiting for so long! In a way, I felt sorry for those who were among the last because they would have to wait at least 5 hours before they get their Magnum! I doubt I'll have that patience. Haha.

288. 289. 290! Influenced two other person to join me in this crazy giveaway! Felt so bad to have them wait with me for so long. Haha..

So, how will the personalised Magnums look like? Gold coated? or blink blink coated?

Look at those flowy melted chocolate! What's waiting at the chocolate bar? Am so excited to explore!

Finally we were let into the cafe after waiting for 3 hours! Pretty crazy I have to say!  

We were greeted by numerous types of topping choices! The first we need to do is to choose 3 toppings! There were chocolate chips / marshmallow / almond flakes / pistachio bits / rose petals, hazelnut bits and etc! The person serving me actually asked if I'd like chilli flakes as topping. I politely rejected. Hahaha. I really don't think I would want chilli flakes on my ice-cream! Any of you adventurous enough to try it?

I had bits of hazelnuts, pistachio and dried raspberries!

They would then scoop your topping and shake 'em up to mix them all around! Ice-cream flavour up next! Would it be Vanilla / Chocolate? I opted for Vanilla! Whole thing being chocolate is actually too much for me. Haha.. *swt*

Then it's dipping time! What would you like? White chocolate / Milk Chocolate / Dark Chocolate ? I asked to coat my Vanilla Magnum in Dark Chocolate crust!

Next step would be to empty the shaker by pouring them toppings onto the dipped Magnum but we are not finished yet!

The last touch up on the personalized ice-cream would be to drizzle a zig zag of your favourite chocolate type on top of the ice-cream! I opted for the white chocolate! Somehow, I was thinking more of the contrast it would create on my Magnum rather than which would be more yummy!

I guess I was mesmerized by how pretty my personalized Magnum is turning into. Haha.

Finally I get to savour my personalized Magnum ice-cream. Was the crazy queue worth it?

There's a bar and some tables on the bottom floor while the top floor is filled with more tables for dine in! The whole cafe has classy designs and decorations!

My personalised Magnum on the left and my brother gf's on the right! She had pistachio nuts and bits of rose petals as well! So pretty, I actually took quite a number of photos with it. I'm sure it's the same with most girls! ^^ From my experience, I would actually advice you not to spend so much time taking picture of it because the ice-cream inside would begin to melt and the bottom coating would get stuck onto the paper server. >.<" So, yea...

Oh, I almost forgot that the last touch would be to put on the cute Magnum logo on top! The last and most delicately done step! Haha.

Personally, I had a higher expectation on how it would taste. It was something different and tasted quite unique because they had our preference on the ice-cream flavour / topping / coating  and chocolate drizzle but somehow it felt like something amissed. 

Perhaps I was too exhausted after the long queue to properly savour the yumminess! Perhaps Magnum have more yummy choices in the menu as I believe this is the most basic personalised Magnum ice-cream they serve.

So, are you Magnum enough for it? If yes, head to..

Magnum Kuala Lumpur
T-023, 052 & 053
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan.
(3rs floor near GSC)

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