Friday, 21 November 2014

What kind of theme party did you think I attended on the afternoon of Halloween's Day?

Nope, it wasn't some scary Halloween party but a Kawaii theme lunch gathering to expose us to Kracie's Ichikami Hair Care Range and also Hadabisei Skin Care Range!

Boy, was I happy to be invited! Japanese products never fails to impress me and it's just the same with Kracie's Ichikami and Hadabisei!

Look at the amount of full range Ichikami products! They are so focused on producing the best results that they are serious to come out with a product to tackle each problem separately. I have heard that products which usually have bundled effects are not very effective.

During the event, we get to have a look at all the products! Being curious cat, we did remove the caps and have a smell on the product scent. They all smell insanely sweet and dreamy!

There was even demonstration on the hair care n styling products! From the photo you can see the obvious effects! Left being the frizzy and dry hair, right being the healthy glowing hair. Even after curling, the hair looks really natural and the curls stayed for a long time without feeling like it has been sprayed! 

Mr. being the model for us girls because he is the only one without make-up. Lol. This is the moisture mask which is one of the best seller item! Apparently women in Japan apply sheet mask twice a day and I thought once a day is already more than sufficient!

Clear White Whitening Mask - Collagen Moisture Mask

 Moisture Mask - Super Moisture Mask

Clear White Whitening Mask - intensive care for brighter and moisturized skin. Formulated with Vitamin C and Collagen to slow melanin production, prevent freckles and spots!

Collagen Moisture Mask - formulated with Coenzyme Q10 and Soybean Isoflavone to provide moisturizing care for skins that lacks elasticity and luster!

Moisture Mask - contains natural minerals; hotspring water & tightening agents and ceramide,  moisturizing agent to tightens and moisturizes skin leading to a smoother skin!

Super Moisture Mask - contains extra rich serum formulated with hyaluronic acid and royal jelly for extra boost of moisture!

All mask are made from 100% natural cotton!

Kracie Hadabisei masks range are famous in many asia countries outside Japan and now we can get it from Aeon Wellness in Malaysia too!

Here are some recommended products from Kracie !

Hadabisei All in One Facial Mask - lotion + emulsion + essence + mask !

I love this mask! Especially during application at night because I don't have to apply anything more to the face after I remove the mask! Just apply it when I am going to bed, remove it after 5 ~ 10 minutes, then continue my slumberland journey!

My skin feels really soft and supple after that. My face does not feels oily often anymore after applying this mask every night!  Great oil control!

It could last for 40 days if you apply once every night. Packet is also full of essence!

Many girls take care of their face with facial mask but not specifically on the eye part. Do you know that if you don't pay attention to the skincare around your eyes, you will get wrinkles easily? Here's an introduction to one of the best eye care mask from Japan!

Hadabisei Intensive Wrinkle Care Eye Mask - formulated with highly concentrated Retinol EX (Retinol  derivative + royal jelly) + Hyaluronic Acid (Moisturizing Agent). It helps to reduce dryness-induced wrinkles which works really well for me on times when I sleep really late. >.<

This is Kracie's Ichikami's Smooth Range! During the event, one blogger asked if I knew what Ichikami meant and I told her that I only know that Ichi means one. Haha.. Apparently Ichikami means Hair First! This makes a lot of sense from a shampoo brand that focuses on the hair care with ancient Japanese women who have amazingly long hair in mind!

The Ichikami Smooth Hair Care Set focuses on Hair Repair & Prevention. The main ingredients used are Herbal Essence + Rice Bran; Rice Premium-II / Sakura Essence / Black Rice Essence / Walnut / Blackberry Lily / Camelia.

I have been using the Hair Shampoo / Hair Conditioner / Hair Treatment for a while now and my hair seems to be in good manageable condition! The sweet Sakura mmell is definitely a plus point! I apply the Hair Care & Style gel as the last step to keep my standing baby hairs in place and I love how it makes me smells really good ^^

Previously, I kept changing brands of hair care products, doesn't matter if they are bought from convenient stores or hair care product specialized stores. Reason being they are either too dry or makes my scalp oily which leads to unhealthy hair and itchy scalps =/ Beginning mid this year, I switched to a Japanese brand I brought from salon and Ichikami would be the 2nd Japanese brand I have tried. 

True to the talks of many girls, Japanese produce one of the best hair care products for Asian girls! We asian girls usually have damaged and dry hair because we love going for hair colouring and perming! Now we have Ichikami to help prevent my hair from damaging and also repairing my damaged hair!

Dear Beaute Himawari is a range to manage unwavy, unruly, frizzy rebellious hair! These problems always looks messy and unhealthy but with Dear Beaute Himawari range which are formulated with Premium Sunflower Oil Ex; organic sunflower oil / organic sunflower sprout extract / sunflower seeds extract / sunflower extract, they repair the crazy damaged hair and turn them into healthy and managable hair! 

The exact thing I would be looking for everytime I head to the beach!

Kracie offers so many good products, it is quite impossible to choose which one is my favourite! Would you jump into the bandwagon of Kracie addicts? It is no lie that their products are really effective!

Head to Aeon Wellness outlets and try them out for yourself!

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