Friday, 3 October 2014

Went graffiti shooting with a friend around Pasar Seni / Chinatown sometime ago and decided to stop by to check out LOKL Coffee co!

LOKL pronounced as lokal / local is a cafe which is furbished to represent a modern edition of the laid back local coffee shop environment from years back. Having the shop name written in 4 languages; malay / english / chinese / tamil, I felt a sense of warmth before I even enter the premise.

Although all the furniture furnishings seems old and rustic, they were all in a very clean condition. It gives me  flashback of the olden days when all f&b owners put priority on the cleanliness of their food preparation, the interior and surrounding of their shop rather than just prioritizing their profits.  

Their bare cement walls were decorated with frames of drawings which represent the olden times such as a framed piece of  our Independence Father, a Chinese writing, old photographs and etc. Looking at them actually promotes a calm vibe to my thoughts. Sit down, have a good meal or enjoy your drink while reminiscing about the good days.

After a hot day outside, I decided to go for the Local Coffee - Iced Kopi O (Black Local Coffee) RM6.50. Very much a favourite drink to order from a local coffee shop under the crazy hot weather. Friend ordered a glass of Flavoured Iced Tea - Iced Lemon Tea RM9.50

I was hoping for the Kopi O to turn out satisfaction guaranteed but am sad to say that it was a let down and the price was crazy expensive. It was very much diluted even without having all the ice melted and all I taste is a tint of coffee and much sourness. Meh =/ Even the Kopi O packs I bought from the supermarket and made at home would be more aromatic and flavorful. 

The price is just a slight 40 cents cheaper than a Western Coffee espresso shot. I am not trying to signify that local coffee are worth far less than western coffee but when it is a local production, wouldn't it make more sense to make them available at a local price for the local people to enjoy?


Did not get to try the food on their menu because I was heading for dinner with friends at a different venue. Still, I heard that they offer some good tantalizing local food / local western fusion mix. Shall visit them again in the future for their Western Coffee and Food.

Prices are set at cafe standards though, so don't expect affordable prices for meals there. Haha.. You can have a look at the food & drinks variety + prices in the menu below;

Nuff said about the drinks and environments, the staff looks cheerful  and seems friendly when serving :)

The cafe is connected or just side by side with BackHome Backpackers Lodge. I see both place offers a very comfortable environment. A place I would definitely introduce to backpackers with prices aside. (No idea how much they charge :D)

Place is packed with young people / working adults most of the time. Probably a favourite hang out place for people to relax, slow down their breathing and also hangout with friends.

LOKL is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00am to 8:00pm. We are closed on Mondays.
address: 30 Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +603 2072 1188

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