Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bollywood has hit the town!

No, it's not that we are building a Bollywood here in Malaysia. That would be weird right?

Instead, I have something better to announce! Girls, it's time to go crazy with your cosmetic shopping because one of the most amazing cosmetic brand has hit Malaysia! What's so outstanding about Bollywood Professional compare to other cosmetics? Read on and you'll find out!

Bollywood Professional is a cosmetic brand brought to this world by a very dedicated person, Rani Birring who is currently the Managing Director to this brand. I never thought there would be something so special about this brand before I attended the launching at Muse by Watsons. I have to say I have a new found respect for Rani Birring and more love for Bollywood Professional!

Rani Birring really knows what cosmetic users want and need! She decided that the cosmetics be manufactured in New York where high quality cosmetics share the stage. The range of cosmetics offered are of tip top quality like no others! Girls are always seeking cosmetics that does not melt in the hot sun or does not dry up nor crack in cold and dry weathers. Well, search no more because these are what Bollywood Professional have to offer! Their cosmetics have been tested and proven to withstand hot humid weather and ice cold climates!

A set of Bollywood Professional makeup set was given to  makeup artists who preps up the look for Bollywood movie stars on set. After several applications, the makeup artists and Bollywood movie stars began to notice that application was much easier and faster due to its quality and texture. The application of marbelized eye-shadow, glowing foundations, liquid lipstick, bold eye glitter, face primer, body glow, miraculously lengthening and thickening mascara and brightening vitamin c night cream became a hit! Now, their cosmetics receive continuous orders from the makeup artists and movie stars from Bollywood!

Months back, I attended a makeover event and something really bad happened. The makeover for a dark skin tone customer went totally wrong! Her face ended up looking so much darker than her original skin tone. This was due to the problem that a foundation tone which matches dark tones are not widely available. The customer ended up really furious.

Many girls have had their makeover done when I arrived at the event. It was a pleasant surprise to see that all the girls who have had their makeover done have their foundation application matched perfectly to their skin tone! I was really impressed with their wide range of tone for their Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation. I like how they are here to make every girl look pretty regardless of skin tone.

Girls like makeup because makeup makes them look prettier but girls also do not like makeup for worsening their skin condition. I have always wondered; our world is amazingly advanced right now but why is it so hard to come up with a makeup that does not destruct our skin condition? I guess my calling was heard! Incredibly, Bollywood Cosmetics manage to get their cosmetics loaded with anti-aging ingredients, high doses of vitamins and nutrients! Our skin now have reason to beam with happiness when we apply makeup!

Bollywood Professional cosmetics are highly pigmented too! No more wasting time trying to apply numerous layer of makeup just to make the colours more outstanding. No more wasting money from frequently buying makeups because they run out so fast! We all know how costly they could be >.< I do actually own a palette of eye shadow and it has been abandoned for years because the colours are just so weak, they make my face looks pale. People hardly notice if there were any colours or not. Sad isn't it.

Now, to let you see for yourself, I will show the the transformation from my plain daily makeup look to the strong look created by the makeup artists using Bollywood Professional cosmetics!

Firstly, Mineral Photo Touch Foundation and Baked Finishing Powder was applied. The foundation feels really light on my skin and I feel really comfortable with it. Like nothing was applied. The Baked Finishing Powder is actually a bronzer which can also be used as a replacement for blusher. The application promotes a healthy look to the face but yet very natural.

 It is not really noticeable here but the bronzer really gives a healthier shade to the bare face.

Mineral Photo Touch Foundation which is lightweight and diminishes the appearance of flaws and pores. Just what I need to cover my visible pores!

Next up is makeup for the eyes. Part of the face which usually grabs the first attention of a person.

The greyish purple and glittering bronze eyeshadows were used to create the stunning look on the eyelid. The bottom two colours were used to create a little highlight at the bottom of the eyes.

Superwear Gel Liner was used for the outline of the eyes. It glided very smoothly and is meant for longwearing. Less hassle for a long day out because I would not need to apply again in the mid of the day! No curlers were used for the eyelashes because their Superwear Mascara applied delivers hyper-real lash curling and they also last for up to 24 hours! Yay to no smudging and droppy lashes!

Picture with beloved Tammy of Butterfly Malaysia!

Last station would be the lips!

 I let the make up artist decide on the colour for the lips because I wanted to try something new! The colour choosen was FR4 - Razz Dance Liquid Lipstick. Red is the colour for the current season and I like how it creates a strong finishing to the whole look!


The liquid Lipstick which was applied on my lips is new and just hot out of the New York oven! Highly pigmented, moist (keep your lips hydrated and does not cause chip or lined lips!) and extremely long lasting! Something every girl need!

Thanks to the makeup artist who gave me a flawless face.

 Thanks to the makeup artist who gave me stunning eyes!

Thanks to the makeup artist who gave me a gorgeous and fierce lips!

In conclusion, I like how these cosmetics
- give the good to my skin instead of just having those destructive chemicals in them
- are highly pigmented
- are super long lasting
- are applicable to all skin tones
- and best of all, can withstand rain or sun! I mean cold or hot. Haha..

Thank you Rani Birring for creating Bollywood Professional cosmetics which are so much more than just makeups!

 If you girls are interested to test it out and get some of these awesome cosmetics for yourself, you can check out for more info at their website: or head to their physical boutique in Kuching and cosmetic table at Muse for Watsons!

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