Friday, 24 October 2014

If you have been following my insta @tenshichn, you will know that I have recently been on a shopping spreeeeee~ which I will post up later on. Haha.

It's really a heaven for girls because you get all the fashion clothing and accessories at bazaar price! Quality is not super super good but is better than expected and acceptable because woman's fashion evolve as the season changes. I don't see the point of buying clothes with quality so good that can last your for years but you can't be wearing them for years because of the evolving fashion statements.

I don't usually shop much when in Malaysia because the clothing are quite pricey even in blogshops and bazaars. On the other hand, I like shopping in our neighboring countries, e.g. Thailand as mentioned just now and also Singapore! Singapore is another awesome place to shop during sales because prices are really slashed there and the items are not really that old in age! Comparing to Malaysia, even in Topshop, I can see items on sale which are from 2 years ago! *faint* Such is the culture of fashion retailers in Malaysia.

Enjoy shopping too much in Bangkok then even when I'm back, I keep surfing on the net and go window shopping online. Haha. There's so many pretty dresses and nice accessories around! It's so tempting but it's gonna hurt my pocket!

Have you heard of ASOS Online? I have heard of it from many and I think actually many actually shop online at ASOS! Finally checked it out and am totally hooked but thank God they are having crazy reductions now up to 70% !

Added them to my kart. Could wear the first for dinner /  event, second for casual, and third for a very chiq look! The second and third piece is still quite pricey though >.< but I found a code for an extra 25% off here from Cuponation! Things just got more awesome! ;P

Then I found out more awesome deals from this coupon website! $40 off my flight ticket from Jetstar! Now that's pretty tempting. >.< Wanted to go for a short trip but am afraid of the crazy crowd due to school holiday. Even accomodations are going to cost more =/ Checked the details and apparently the voucher is valid for 6 months! Yay~ Can definitely go on a trip end of this year! Am so marking this page!

Just in case you are still unaware where I got all these good deals from, I'm gonna share this money saving goodness with all of you! They are all actually from ~ It's like the mother of all coupon / money saving deal website! Haha. I said that because they actually have vouchers which can be used at as well!~ It's like savings on top of savings!

Good news for Singaporean deal hunters because most of the coupons from Cuponation are valid for shops and services in Singapore~ but I'm still happy to find some deals I could use such as the Asos coupon. ^^ Definitely a website I'm gonna bookmark.



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