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The first time I lay my ears on the name of this cafe, Fuwa, Fuwa, I thought.. hmm.. this is cute..

I WAS right! This cafe is cute! It even says on the menu; let's explore & have a FLUFFY DAY! Are you ready to go through the journey of fluffiness? I bet you all are! So let me stroll you through a journey of much yummy food and cutesy activities!

Let's begin with drinks topped the fluffy clouds! I mean milk foam! All of us ordered hot drinks and it was a different variety! Cafe Mocha, Flat White, Caramel Latte and etc.. For new coffee drinkers, Caffe Mocha and Caramel Latte is quite a safe choice as the taste of coffee is less strong.

I was told that the variety of coffee served here usually contains a whole double shot! It is a little strong for me as I always prefer coffee with strong fragrance and smooth taste with the most minimum caffeine effect. However, I am sure this is bonus news to all coffee addicts who need a kick of high dosage caffeine to feel alive everyday! Haha. So if you are craving for at least a double shot with an affordable price, you know where to look for your cup of coffee! The coffee beans are all imported from Italy and I suppose that means Italian blend. :)

You can check out the whole list of beverages and the pricing below;

Now that we've got drinks, it's time to dig into foods! Ahh~ Foodgasm!


First up is Chicken Schnitzel Salad (RM12) - A bed of fresh greens topped with scrumptious pieces of deep-fried breaded potato fillet, lightly tossed with Thousand Island dressing. 

I like how the amount of dressing topped on the salad was just enough to season the greens rather than covering all the natural taste with thousand islands. The greens are so fresh, it felt like they were just plucked out from the garden! It makes a really good starter / entry especially with the additional chicken schnitzel cutlets which are very appetizing. Yummeh!  

Creamy Mushroom Soup (RM9) -  Made from scratch; ingredients of fresh mushrooms and lots of creamy goodness to make every slurp worthwhile with a slice of garlic bread.

I have got to say that every slurp is more than worthwhile! Definitely nothing from the can on the shelf. From the first slurp, you can taste fine bits of chopped up mushroom and cream that melts in your mouth. I got to control my temptation before sipping up the whole bowl and leaving none for the rest! The garlic bread was prepared with generous amount of butter and toasted to perfect crunchiness without making it too dry and coarse.

Grilled Chicken Burger (RM15) - A juice piece of grilled chicken on our house special bun served with fries and spicy peri-peri sauce.

You can just see the juice oozing out from that packed tower of burger! Ohh lala~ Can't wait to grab a bite on it! In case you didn't notice, there is a double chicken patty between the buns! Which mean... double awesomeness of juicy grilled chicken burger with the softest and fluffiest buns that don't get stuck in between your teeth! Honestly, that is the thing I hate most when it comes to buns; getting all densed up together and finding a place in between my teeth. Sorry for the gory description. Haha. But just wanted to tell that you'll have a great experience with this burger. :)

Definitely recommend this because there's a possibility I might order this in my next visit!


Tropical Chicken Chop (RM17) - Marinated chicken chop grilled and drizzled with house special gravy. Served with a side of salad, fries, pineapple ring and caramelized cherry tomatoes.

Grilled to perfection, it almost felt like eating the local satay except that it's all lean meat. Super yummy and just the right diet for gym-goers as it is just plain protein minus the fats! A small salad dish to counter the unhealthiness from the grills.

Classic Carbonara (RM17) - Rich egg-yolk based sauce and chicken ham drizzled over a bed of warm spaghetti.

Carbonara always taste about the same everywhere. The difference was just the level of cheesiness but not this Classic Carbonara. The first spoon into my mouth really tingled my taste buds. There is something which taste really different but I could not figure out what! Finally I was told that the chef actually include in rich egg-yolk into the sause recipe! I'm kind of a sucker for half boiled egg yolks and knowing that they have injected rich egg yolk into the sauce recipe is heavenly! It makes the sauce much richer even though less cheesy in taste. 

Very special indeed and I am calling all carbonara lovers to try this! 

Just talking about the heavy courses makes me forget that we have reached the end of the introduction for the most recommended ones in this cafe! Sad but fred not! Here's a sneak peak into their menu for more yummy food with a twist of healthier preparation method used.

Whether you are looking for a very fulfilling meal or just a light meal to tease your taste buds, they have the right one for everyone.

Even little nibbles to serve your gritty teeth.

Not only do they serve food on the table but also food on the go as well. The fresh assorted breads to tantalize your taste which are baked everyday is a result of years and years of experience with the baking dough and other incredible ingredients.

Fuwa Fuwa is actually a cafe that branch out from the business of manufacturing frozen confectioneries which were being exported worldwide as you read including the huge market of China! Now you know why their confectioneries are so good!

Are you going Gaga over them Garlic Cheese breads?

In a cute cafe, it only make sense when these cute yummy biscuits comes in a cute box and a cute name! Frutoro (if I'm not mistaken, it's RM8/box) comes in 4 flavours; Cranberry / Orange / Blueberry / Strawberry ! Which would be your favourite? I think I would go for Strawberry. Hahaha. Like a typical girl's choice.

Besides eating and eating and eating, they also offer fun activities for kids! By the look of it, I would not comment that these cupcakes were prepared by kids but the truth is, they really were! Fuwa Fuwa offers fun educational activities for kids to progress in knowledge and creativity without them realizing it because they were having so much fun! 

The progress of decorating these cupcakes actually gifted them with the skill on controlling and handling the cream decorating kits and perking their creativity with the character designing.  Who knows, it might even inspire one of them kids to be an award winning baker in the future!


The place is huge and every group / individual is bound to find their own corner in this cafe.

  1. Not only do they cater their customers with much privacy spaciousness but also furnishing of different designs. Be it an individual, a pair of lovelies, a small group of friends or a huge group of family, they have just the right space to cater for your event / activity. Come to think of it, it sounds like an all weather cafe. Fit for all occasions. Haha.
    Just fyi, I'm a Fuwa Friend! That's why I get to enjoy; 5% discount off total bill, special discount on selected buns, birthday tokens, monthly promotions + surprises and if I'm a student, I get 10% off total bill!

    Enjoy all these for 2 years when you apply for the membership for just RM15!

    I don't know about you but I am definitely going back to Fuwa Fuwa soon!
    address: 100-1.37 & 41 Block J, 
    The School Jaya One, 72A, 
    Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13, 
    46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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