Tuesday, 28 October 2014

'cause I'm the cookie monstaaa! Wahahahaha!

I'm just kidding. Haha. I was actually referring to a new humble shop in Sunway Piramid called Eat Meee! Quite cute, right?

Set up to the theme of old wooden village house setting, it gives a very homey and warm feeling. I felt like I'm back at my late grandparents' home. Reminiscing the good old times as a kid!

Eat Meee has a very simple menu;
Noodles; Nyonya Delight / Prawn Mee / Iph Kuey Teow / Tom Yum / Dry Chilli Pan Mee (Snack size - RM5.49 / Regular size - RM6.99 + Extra Topping - RM1.00 + Extra Soup RM1.99)
Drinks; Refreshing Lemongrass Juice / Fragrant Panda Juice (RM2.49)
Sides; Soya Egg (RM1.49) / Golden Sesame Ball (RM1.99/3 pcs) / Chicken Wing (RM1.99) / Chicken Bites (RM2.00/5 pcs)

Our order, Prawn Mee (RM6.99) and Nyonya Delight (RM6.99), regular size! Both topped with Soya Egg (RM1.49). Also, because we are special customers, we get free drinks! Refreshing Lemongrass Juice (RM2.49/cup) to go with our meal!

Nyonya Delight with choice of thick noodle. You can actually choose the type of noodle that you prefer; thick / thin wheat noodle. Their recommended is the thick wheat noodle. The noodle is smooth and springy, similar to the thick yellow noodle used for Hokkien Mee except taste.

The bowl of Nyonya Delight comprises of thick noodles soaked in Nyonya Curry with strong flavour of Lemongrass, topped with tofu pok (deep fried bean curd), shredded chicken and taugeh (bean sprouts).

The type of curry is more towards the milky type and has strong fragrance of lemongrass. Overall, the gravy taste decently smooth and moderately tasteful.

Prawn Mee with choice of thick noodle as well.

This bowl of regular sized thick wheat noodle is soaked in chilli prawn soup base, topped with few prawns cooked in boiling water and shell removed, kangkung (morning glory) and taugeh.

This bowl of  prawn noodle falls a little below expectation. The top of the soup base is pretty much coated with a layer of red colour oil which I presume is chilli oil. The prawn itself and the soup base taste a little bland but the prawn meat is no doubt very fresh.

The Soya Egg is kinda like the Japanese onsen egg, about 3/4 quarter cooked with a tint of soya flavour on the coating.

A close up look on the noodles!


Their noodles are served in wax coated paper bowls which I prefer more than polystyrene bowls. Much more safer for our health and environmental friendly! Their bowls are also cutely designed with Chinese motives, makes them look very traditional.

Seated across the counter, facing the side dishes I was tempted by their chicken bites which are deep fried into golden brown. Some people might say that they look over fried but when you place them into your mouth, they actually taste quite good! Meat is tender and juicy on the inside. I would go back for more!

Chicken Wing / Chicken Bites fried to golden brown.

Soya Egg / Golden Sesame Ball.

October is their opening month and hence the opening month special! You have till this Friday, 31st October 2014 to get a free drink of your choice with purchase of any regular sized noodle! Yes, everyone is their special customer this month! Haha.

Their signature dish is the Nyonya Delight and their highly recommended is the must try Dry Chilli Meee! Try out the noodles here as they are simple local delights cooked with fresh herbs and spices, no artificial flavoring and preservatives added too!

Eat Meee
Lot No - F1.AV.135
Asian Avenue
Sunway Piramid 
No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15,
 Bandar Sunway, 
47500 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eatmeeenoodles 



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