Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hello! Are you up on an early morning wondering where you could go for some healthy essentials? Like bread... and fruits? Well, it's BreadFruits ofcourse!

From the outside, it might looks weird to you that a seemingly fruit store would have 3 tables of customers enjoying their first meal of the day.

Things are actually quite complicated here. It's a fruit store. It's a bakery shop. It's a cafe. Actually it isn't that complicated. It just sounds complicated.

So let's sit down and take a selfie have our breakfast. Shall we?

Ops. Wrong picture. Sorry. Let's get things straight.. should be posting food pictures from BreadFruits.

There you go. My glorious breakfast plate! It's SatisFry Up (RM23.80) !

On the menu it tells you to forget about the overwhelming BIG breakfast, we offer a light yet satisfying full nutrient breakfast to cheer up your organism. Pork sausage / bacon, scrambled up / sunny side up, sauteed mushroom, roasted cherry tomato, mashed potato, arugula & toast served with coffee / tea and juice of the day!

It say pork sausage / bacon on the menu and I wonder if I could have both. As in, half of each? because I'm not so sure what it's gonna be like.Like two sausage or 2 bacon?

So I asked if I can have both, the sausage and the bacon and the person who takes the order goes, yea sure, ofcourse! So my breakfast set came with both bacons and sausage. I'm a happy girl.

The breakfast taste moderately usual. Nothing really to shout about. The sausage taste pretty good though.

Coffee is horrible though, according to the boyfie. You guys should know if there's a cup of long black in the picture, they're never mine. Haha. Apparently, it is the worst ever from all cafe and he didn't finish it. Instead he took the fruit juice.

Juice of the day. You are not given a choice. I am assuming they will use fruits which are getting unfresh but still good to serve? I rarely fill up my tummy with so much water for a meal so I find it kind of weird to be served two drink with a plate of food. It would be wasted if I could not finish them but then again, you would have saved a drink if you visit with a friend. Haha.

Anyway, the funny thing happened when we pay. The total bill, it was more than RM30 and we were puzzled. If the set is RM23.80, tax and service charge could not have come up to more than RM30? We were actually billed for 'extra topping' onto our plate. RM6 for 2 pieces of bacon which means we were being charge RM3 per piece of bacon. =___= That's pretty expensive, don't you think? =/

We could just laugh it off and pay the bill =_= Kudos to yummy bacon!

Anyway, I saw a lot of people ordering Brunch Pasta with 7 Minutes Egg. Not sure what's the hoo-ha about it but do try it out when you visit. I suppose the 7 minutes egg makes the pasta super yummeh!

Also, expect some crowd when you visit. Do not go when you are dead hungry or you could chew on some fruits while waiting :)

17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: +603 6201 0090



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