Monday, 29 September 2014

Die die wanna have breakfast at a cafe even before the coffee journey begins with CAFFA - Coffee Art & Fringe Festival Asia. #LikeATrueCoffeeAddict #MacamYes

I'm just kidding. It wasn't my decision. Haha. And no, I did not order any coffee.

Renovated into a different but similar environment to the previous one.

My Whataburger RM18 - Turkey strips, grilled mushrooms & sunny egg with homemade sesame bun.

Boyfie's Sunny Bun RM17 - All-time favourite bun, fried egg, turkey toast and cheese served with salad.

Both are actually pretty similar. Mine without cheese and his without grilled mushroom. I would say both dishes just fare as home prepared meals to me. Price is a little over the top for dishes like these because honestly, I could make these at home without much effort. If you are craving for breakfast that gives you much satisfaction, this won't do. If you are just having a carefree weekend, I guess this will do to keep your tummy occupied.

I know that most of the cafe in Malaysia now runs on a self-service basis and I am totally O.K. with that. Things get a little weird when I am accoutable for the 'service charge' when there is almost next to none given. In this case, I am actually referring to my bill at Coffee Stain. 

Before I get you confused, let me explain the situation. A friend arrived first and made herself comfortable at one of tables available. A staff came over and handed her a menu but when she wanted to order, she was requested to place her order and payment at the counter. The payment she was required to make includes a service charge but through out the whole time there, the only service that we got was the staffs there placing our orders on the table. So, you tell me if we have the right to get annoyed or not? =/

p/s: I actually didn't realise this even though I've been to Coffee Stain several times. Talk about customer's awareness. I used to not bother about what is in the bills or whether everything charged was right or wrong but I am increasing my awareness on bill informations now.


After meal, it's time to get drugged on caffeine at CAFFA!  Time was around 2p.m. then and the place is already filled with caffeine hunters! Saw a cool coffee machine with an invisible casing. Totally captivated by those metallic colours.

1st caffeine fueling station: Coffee Societe! Their coffee are available @ Garage51. Black / White @ RM0. Their coffee are also available for purchase for home savoring.

The Red Bean Bag is also offering refreshing smooshie and yummy foods for those who came with empty stomachs!

Nescafe injecting some fun into the exhibitions! Count the number of Nescafe Dolce Gusto and name tha art piece! If you are lucky, you might just win yourself a limited edition Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine!

This is me stamping them with Photoshop and my final calculation = 278. Did you get it right?

A little write up on Billy the artist who came up with this limited edition design.

It is also available for purchase for those who wanted it so badly.

Accessories for your coffee preparation.

Departure Lounge booth. Coffee art proves to be a difficult thing to handle when even the professional barista are having trouble making it right on a small cup. A swan ended up looking like a wriggley worm. Haha. I should have taken a photo of it. *evil*

Burn pocket of coffee junkies! Coffee makers, milk jug and etc for sale!

Creamy milk for babies like me! Haha.

Espressolab selling a variety of roasted and non-roasted coffee beans.

Selling at special price for any two. Grind the beans at any of their outlets.

Doesn't roasted coffee beans look just like yummy chocolates?

Coffee drip. They actually drip faster than I thought! Haha. It's different for cold brew though. That one really goes by consistent dripping speed. Like really slow.

Have a go at cold brew and decide if there is any difference.

Went to check out Nu Sentral while visiting Espressolab to get coffee grinded. Not mine though. My body have a cap for caffeine intake. *sad* You guys should know who these "babies"  belong to. Haha.

That's coffee packs taking selfies. Lol. Or wefie since there's two of them.

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