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VCR. This is probably one of the early cafes which I visited. A really awesome recommendation from a friend who is a barista herself. Come to think of it, I'm such an awful friend to have visited so many cafes around but have not paid her a visit! Haha.. Really ought to do that soon.

VCR is a very humble but outstanding looking cafe along Jalan Galloway. Why? Because there's actually no eye catching sign-board but the whole of it is painted blackish grey or gresyish black o.o

The first time I was there, I fell totally in love with the area. The Galloway place. Until now, I'm pretty obsessed with it. I would totally say yes to the guy who would propose to me with a unit of those link house along the Galloway road. *hint hint* I'm kidding.. lol.. 

Anyway, yea, even before I enter VCR, I know I'd love this place. :)

Stepping in, I think I went totally love struck. This vintage house just took my breath away. Let's see if the coffee will do the same.

As usual, it would be Long Black + Flat White unless due to foreseen circumstances that I won't be able to have my usual caffeine drink. First sip, I'm already intrigued by the strong taste. Although I always order Flat White, I like it strong rather than my drink tasting like a coffee flavored milk. As for the long black, boyfie said it's very aromatic and taste just acidic as he like his coffee to be.

Before I met him, I'm just a very casual coffee drinker and would not think much about what I'm sipping. Moreover, I have turned a Matcha Latte drinker after I start to get anxiety attacks from caffeine intake since some years ago. So when he told me he like sour coffee, I gave him a weird look. To me, food and drinks which taste sour  means they have turn inedible / undrinkable most of the time. Him telling me this make it sounds like something is wrong with his taste bud. Haha.

After a few coffee trips with him and also to VCR, I finally understood what he really meant by 'sour coffee'. I find it is pretty common for us to misunderstand each other because of misinterpretations. I'm not sure why sometimes our brains are super un-sync. Haha. But I think we are slowly getting the hang of it and our brain waves are slowly flowing in the same direction :D

Because of him, me, a super coffee noob realise that I prefer acidic coffee to bitter coffee too! Before this, I just know that I dislike Flat White so bitter that I need to add sugar. I thought the only difference between each brewed coffee is the level of bitterness. Ah, such misconception!

The first time we were there, the place was pretty full house on the ground floor and me wearing skirt, it was pretty inconvenient to climb the stairs. We were left with the bar seats facing outside. It turned out to be a pretty nice corner to be at. I get to observe the surrounding, especially everything happening at the coffee bar. Sometimes, I have this habit of just drowning in the act of people observation. I know it is rude to have my eyes following people around but somehow, I just enjoy it. I like looking at the baristas preparing coffee.

Somehow, I was a little hungry halfway through my coffee. Decided to get a cake and ironic enough, I choose to have their Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. Isn't that going to make me more hungry? Lol. Anyway, I enjoyed their cake ^^ It was very appetizing. The cake was soft and I love the poppy seeds although not when these little black seeds get stuck between my teeth ;(

The King! Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Cake. It's not called the King for nothing but I have not tried it yet. Not a fan of peanut butter but I'll try it someday... in the future. Lol.

After the 1st visit, we always wanted to go back there but it's always either because of time / place problem or because I was wearing skirt that we end up not going =.= Finally, we were there again. Die die wanna go there even though the place was crazy jam. This time, we get to explore upstairs! I'm always curious how it would look like.

This time we ordered lemon tart to go with our coffee. It's good to take a small bite at a time to savour the soury lemon tart! Boyfie took a big bite and the sourness almost killed him. Lol!

Self service for H2O upstairs. I like what they did for the extension of space upstairs. The glass panels.

Coffee Break. Yes, I'm the commercial. Haha. The look that needs some wake up call. Good thing coffee is here. Umm.. actually coffee don't wake up my brain. It just gives me anxiety. Quite sad, right?

Look! They actually have a lawn here! It's fake grass but still lovely. It is a nice place to hang out when the weather is not too hot.

We actually hang out for a bit here and had some deep deep conversation. Just saying. Haha. The nice and friendly people here actually brought us two glasses of water even though we're done with our coffee. Very attentive. Definitely a plus point. :)

2, Jalan Galloway,
Pudu 50150,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016 668 0135
Opens daily from 8.30am till 11pm

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