Monday, 22 September 2014

When I was a fresh grad, my favourite hangout place was around Bangsar South. Till now, it still is. This area offers a lot of eateries and cafe but yet the area is quiet and relaxing. Caters nicely to people like me especially during weekends. Yup, during weekends, this area is still quiet and peaceful. :)

The only place I've had my meals at beside the food court in The Sphere is Tappers Cafe. The thing that attracted me is the the cosy and quiet environment.

They do not only serve western food but also a mixture of local food. I like how the menu is simple and direct yet offers a variety of choices to choose from. One of my favourite to order is actually Hainanese Chicken Chop. Quite unfortunately, I do not have a snap of it but I can assure you that it's really really good! One of the dish I recommend! The one I had few years back and the one I had few months back, they taste the same! The consistency in their food is another thing which makes me love this place!

It was like reminiscing the old times when I went back to the place after so many years! Going back there, I also realize that they have open up so many branches else where! Dining there is like being served with comfort food! There was once boyfie and me was looking for a dinner place at the Curve and we end up at Tappers again. Haha.

Ceasar Salad (RM10.90) w/ Chicken Chunks (+RM6.00). When it comes to salad, I am most particular about the freshness of the serving especially the greens! I'm sure it is probably the most important concern for most of the people as well. Haha. This serving of salad is pretty simple but the crunchy vegetables with the pieces of chicken chunks make me enjoy my salad to the last piece!


Their Original French Toast w/ Honey is just RM4.10. Soft and fluffy! This is one of my all time favourite and getting to savour it away from home at an affordable price just puts a smile on my face! Hands up who ever loves this!

Spaghetti Cream Sauce - Carbonara w/ chicken bacon. (RM12.50). Besides tomato based pasta, Carbonara is probably the next most sought after in the pasta section! Right? Right? Just enough bacon to go around and the right level of creaminess! Finish up the plate and you get a satisfied tummy! Hehe..

Not to be overly praising but the food served by Tappers are always consistent and satisfying. Did you notice that the price they charge are also very very affordable? Where else do you find these kinda food with these price tags in commercial places? This is why Tappers will always be one of my selection! ^^

Bangsar South



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