Thursday, 25 September 2014

Been drinking and eating everywhere lately, so expect a lot of F&B posts and bear with them :)


Think it was on my birthday when we went there. Boyfie had family matter hence we could not really celebrate it. 

We still manage to squeeze in a coffee date at Coffea Coffee. This cafe from Korea is said to bring in high graded beans from around the world! Cup of Excellence coffee they said. C.O.E. is a competition held annually in several countries to identify the highest quality coffee produced. The beans go through more than 5x of screening by juries and need to have scores above 85 to qualify for the title!

As usual, the long black + my small heart flat white. I added sugar into my coffee. If you follow my coffee posts, you would know that I dislike bitter coffee. Can't withstand not adding sugar to this bitter cup. I can't recall which blend I choose. Think I left the decision to my boyfie but.. my guess is it's Maestro because it's not sweet and it's not acidic. Haha.

They have two types of coffee blends. Maestro  and Madonna.

Madonna - Sweet European-Style roasted blend that has fruity aroma with a dash of acidity.

Maestro - Strong full body with dark chocolate undertones, it's classic American style roasted blend.

I usually do not make a fuss about my birthday, because I'm such an introvert!  but boyfie said it's a big day and insist that a cake is a must! So we just settle for a slice of cake for the time being! I think it was Oreo Cheese if I'm not mistaken. Don't quite like it thought coz the cake was dry and the layer of cake rough like as if the cake has been left over night.

But since it was my big day, just enjoy the coffee, the interior and the company!  ^^

Sad to say, I didn't like much about the coffee, the cake and also the service! The cashier actually defy my request to void the payment because we wanted to use another card to make the payment. It was my mistake that I did not notice that they have discount for Standard Chartered card but it was not such a huge request to ask to void the payment either. Somehow, they agreed to void later on. Being in service industry, the cashier should know that these little gestures could easily brighten up our mood. Instead, he made me frown just because he didn't feel like voiding my payment.

The cafe interior is the only thing I like. Could see that they actually put in a lot or money and effort to create the surrounding. It's probably the only thing that saved him from an unsatisfied customer's stare. Kidding but I'll give Coffea Coffee a second visit before being judgmental.

Coffea Coffee
Address: A-10, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya,
Tel: +603 2201 3338 (Bangsar Branch)

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