Friday, 26 September 2014

What is Standing Theory? It's the theory where you get to enjoy the most our of your coffee if you drink while standing.

Okay. Honestly, that was just me bull crapping.

Standing Theory is actually a hidden cafe in SS2, Petaling Jaya. It was the 2nd cafe recommended by my friend. 

I was actually thinking of having my breakfast there while sipping my flat white. Disappointed when shown the menu though. There was very limited choices and not really something I would like to have as the first meal of my day. Eventually, went off to the chinese coffee shop at the end of the corner, had my breakfast and came back just for coffee!

Long Black + Flat White. Seems like the long black came with a generous layer of heavenly crema! Taste slightly acidic with a strong presence of caffeine. Every cup is served with a bite size cookie to compliment the coffee.

A cup of water to dilute the caffeine in my veins. Haha..

I usually like visiting new cafes without checking out what is good or what is not. To me, I like to keep the experience a whole new without any influence of opinions or any sort. When I posted my drinks on instagram, a friend told me I should really try their BBC Waffle!

So, I did went back just to try their BBC Waffle! Didn't manage to try the waffle during my second visit as they ran out of waffles? It was just slightly passed noon then. Quite disappointing to go there just for the waffle and they have to tell you it's off the menu for the day. =/ Seats were crazy occupied too.

Basically, boyfie end up having a bad impression of this place. So I went back there with another friend on a weekday just to try my luck on getting their BBC Waffle! Thank God it was still available for order.

Feels kind of excited to finally taste the frequently talked about waffle from Standing Theory. Sometimes, high expectations comes with excitements. Especially when it was highly recommended by many. My first bite, it was quite heavenly! Not sure what flavour ice-cream it is but it taste kinda like conflakes! Like.. plain cornflakes made into yummy ice-cream! Definitely unique and something I have not tasted before.

The waffle also turn out to be one of the best I have tasted so far. It was cooked just right. The outer texture was crispy and yet not burnt. The inside gives a very light texture of cooked batter making the whole experience mesmerizing. Just plain foodgasm! It was all good until it came to the bacon. Honestly, it would be a better experience for me without the bacon. The bacon was slightly overcooked. It was a layer of dry and thin meat covered in oil. To make matter worse, the bacon actually taste a little stale. I'm not sure if the bacons were kept too long or that the defrost method used is a little too hurrying.

The environment is not exactly one I would like to get surrounded to. It makes me feel like I'm enjoying my coffee in a busy workshop. Talks were loud and all furnishing is plain hard.
address: 26, Jalan SS2/103,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
business hours: 11am to 11pm (Closed Monday)
Tel: 016-212 4421

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