Tuesday, 9 September 2014

With the creation of blogging to facebook to instagram, it is really not that hard to turn greedy and want to try everything you see!

I have came across food pictures from Gangnam88 numerous times and since I was at Solaris Mont Kiara, I thought to give it a try! I've had my brunch and my coffee break but the look of the pork slices are just sooo~ irresistable!

Gangnam88 is easily noticeable. It's on the first floor of one of the shop rows on the left if you are coming from the road junction to the direction of Cold Storage. I really like their logo, it is really eye catching :)

My intention is just to feed my craving for their Samgyeapsal - Bbq Pork Belly~ * foodgasm intoxicated* Every review on blogs says it's really good and the layer of fats are so crispy.. like super yumm! So.. must. try! People who know me will know that I am not a fan of Korean food / Kimchi at all but.. omg! porky belly! Who could resist!

Ordered Nok Cha (Green Tea) as well to cleanse some oil while I feed on porky fats! *salivate* Korean Green Tea is not the usual Green Tea from Japanese resturants. The green tea they serve most usually taste like brown rice.

Samgyeapsal RM25.80 - Bbq Pork Belly. This is a special price for lunch hour. Lunch hour promo till 5pm. Super late lunch huh? Haha..

The pork belly slices are not marinated with any sauce to give the authentic porky taste! The sight of these porky bellies totally open up my appetite at the sight of them! Or perhaps I'm just super poisoned by all the foodgasm food description on blogs and foodyporn pictures on instagrams!

A clearer picture of bbq pork belly to give you foodgasm and salivate. *evil*  

The range of Banchan - the many many small dishes served together with meal in Korean cuisines.

I am never a fan of Banchan as well because they are usually spicy but this one is just okay. At least they have some non-spicy for people like me. But still, I wouldn't dig for their Banchan.. haha.. *difficult customer*

Last of the food porn before I dig into my super-yummy-looking-bbq-pork-belly.

To be honest, it was a super let down. No. Not yummy and tender at all. I'm sorry the pictures lied big time.

I'm not sure if it is my luck that the porkies turn out bad, or was it that the pork bellies are usually cooked this way, just that I don't enjoy it? At first, I really thought it was just me. Then my brain starts to turn and think.. maybe it is the kitchen's fault.

Chewing on the porky pieces actually taste like chewing on hard rubbers. Like really.. pieces of rubbers which you cannot cut off even when chewing hard. 

Totally lost my appetite right then.

We talked to one of the Korean guy there and man, it was hard =/ We tried to tell him that the piece of pork is not chewable, takes a lot of effort to just chew on the pork but he does not seems to get what we mean. Somehow, finally he walked off and came back with a fire stove and cooked the pan of pork bellies a little longer. 

I doubt that it is going to do the meat any good. I was right. The piece of pork belly turn out dry and the layer of oil, harder.I ate another piece and I gave up. Boyfie tried too and really confirmed it not chewable for the humans. Maybe I should have tapau-ed it home and treat my doggies. They would love it so much >.<

We talked to the Korean guy again but he seems to ask us if we want to cook it longer? or boil it? umm.. boil it? @.@ okay..

At that point, I really felt like, I don't wanna eat. anymore =/ So we just told him that it's all right. We'll just feed off the banchan and the greens.

This was suppose to go with the meat but since the condition of the meat is... I just chewed on the green. First piece, it tasted funny. Somehow, it taste like wet wood smell. Or rather wet wood utensil in the kitchen.I took a second piece and chew on it again. Same taste. I had to spit it out.

Then I found this wooden thing on the vegetable. Don't know what it is but definitely not a good sight after being disappointed by the pork belly.

I guess this is really not my day. Don't think we would give this place another try due to the bad experience. =/

They gave us a 50% off the bill but I would only walk out with a smile and a more understanding heart if they would just waive the item off the bill. After all, the main point of the dish is the Samgyeapsal. If that is not edible, the rest of the food which came with it is pretty pointless. True?

When leaving, they did apologise again. But again, it didn't change my impression.

P/S: But I still quite like the environment :) Just that.

To those who would still like to give this place a try (who knows it's just my bad luck?);

Gangnam 88
Address: No 1-1, 

Jalan Solaris 3A, 
Solaris Mont Kiara, 
Off Jalan Kiara, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206-5888

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 1am (Closed every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month)




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