Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hello everyone!

Sounds happy, ey? Yea kinda..

Found some really nice songs I'd like to share.. from this Thailand Drama about high school kids.. I think it does answer a lot of curiosity!

Check out these mv~s! Tell me which one you like ^^

แตกต่างเหมือนกัน - GETSUNOVA (Official MV)

Slot Machine - จันทร์เจ้า (Goodbye) [HD]

แดนเนรมิต - BIG ASS「Official MV」


Bedroom Audio - ไม่บอกเธอ LIve HD Version


And the girl.. who did a cover of this song above... you have got to really check her out on the mv below!


ไม่บอกเธอ - Bedroom Audio (Thai song) Ost.Hormones Cover by Jannina W (พลอยชมพู)


Guess how old is she?! She's at a crazy age of 13! Only 13 and she has this amazing voice! Just... wow, right? and pretty cute too! ^^

One word: Amazing!

All these songs are from the drama I mentioned just now.. Hormones. If you're interested, you can check out their 1st ep below; (with eng sub!) That's wht I've been doing this New Year.. cooking porridge with this drama =X *guilty*

Hormones The Series :Thai Series -EP-01 - (Testosterone) - ENG SUB

Let me know what you think ;P



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