Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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Taiwan is a pretty common tourist destination among Malaysian Chinese but not me. It has never occurred to me to ever step foot in Taiwan for a leisure holiday. Reason being; I can't read/speak Mandarin so it is going to be tough for me / I'm not a fan of Taiwan entertainment so it was never appealing to me / I'm not a girly shopper who loves to shop clothing and cosmetics in Taiwan. So basically, I can't find a reason strong enough to visit Taiwan. 

That is until...

few years back, I was there for a trip solely for business purpose and my heart kind of got heavy when I realize how much I have been missing, finally knowing that Taiwan is actually a great place for exploring but I do not have time to do anything leisure back then! Also, knowing that one of my other half's priority on his wishlist is to visit Taiwan! Now my heart skips a beat whenever I think about a leisure trip to Taiwan with bae~

I know I mentioned that I'm not the average girls who go crazy with shopping, so if I'm ever at Taiwan, it's going to be the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability) way! I want to get the best out of Taiwan! A truly relaxing and enjoyable trip with my bae~ <3

It's time to recuperate from the busy and stressful city life! Take a break, enjoy the breeze in Taiwan!

I've always heard of Alishan but the image that I get was not very exciting but once I started to google about it, it slowly draws me in, getting into my top list of must visits!

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Alishan Forest Railway
I always had a vision of going through forest trails in a train, enjoying the soul calming scenery of mountains and nature.. Usually it might be expensive but this might be an affordable one which could realize my *dream*. Although it is nothing like a few days trip in the train itself, I think it will give an unforgettable splendid experience!

Alishan Forest Recreation Centre
Aside from the train journey, I will get to enjoy a soulful walk among the giant trees, enjoy a sea of clouds forming with a sunset, lodge a night in this mystical mountain and enjoy a mesmerizing sunrise the next morning! I think it would make a great date. :)

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Hot Spring
Taiwan is super well-known for hot springs! There's the hot spring / mud spring / rare cold mineral spring; a whole lot for you to choose from with more than 100 hot spring sites in the country! Not to mention that there are four types of water; sodium carbonate / sodium hydrocarbonate / sulfer / pure water with different therapeutic effects! Gosh, super spoilt for choice!

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Kuanziling Hot Spring
Referred to as the Cosmetic Black Hot Spring Mud Bath, it is one of the favourite of Taiwan girls! The watery mud hot spring, rich with mineral clay deposits is said to be like a beauty spa, naturally gives you beautiful skin after that! It is said to be a true treasure as this similar hot spring can only be found in two other country, Sicily and Japan. 

Just nearby, there is an unusual sight of Water and Fire Cave. Something quite eye opening!

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Dongpu Hot Spring
If you prefer a more relaxing one, try a hot spring with great view! Who could deny this beautiful addition?

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Recreation Farm
One of the close to nature to do! Who says being close to nature ain't fun? I always love recreation farm activities! Good fresh fruits / food heals the soul! Found one in Taiwan which I really like!

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Wu Ling Farm
Besides being a romantic place during Spring, there's 700 hectares of land with mountain fruits such as pears / peaches / apples / etc and also tea farm!  There's even a scenic waterfall about 50m away. It would be great to spend a few days here just exploring around through the tracks, farms and gardens around, creating peace and quietness in the heart and soul.

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Penghu County
I love new sights and experience, the Penghu archipelago known as the pearl of the Taiwan strait definitely has so much to explore. With 64 islands and islets all around; there's international spot for sailing competition, firework festival, seafood carnival, beach and water recreation, amazing marine ecology, scenic beauty and historic residence!

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Wang'an Island
Of the many, I would love to explore the Wang'an Island! With beautiful sandy beach and rich deposits of wenshi, veined stones, forming cute heart shape, it is known as the "Honeymoon Island". I could definitely understand why.

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There's a vast green pasture for cattle to graze on, and for me to forget civilization for a while; well-preserved collection of historic residences from the Qing Dynasty to give me a sight of the historic moments; and then there's also home to the most stable ground in Taiwan for sea turtles to breed! These attractions might be contrasting but it creates a balance itinerary for relaxing, knowledge and nature! I would definitely love to pay a visit to the Green Sea Turtle Conversation Centre! (One of my all time favourite sea creature!)

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So different from the environment I am living in right now, these are the type of breakaway holiday that I love and enjoy. Giving peace to the soul, giving a break to the thoughts, giving my body time for regeneration. I would definitely recommend these to everyone, to take a break from the busy life, stop for a moment and just enjoy the inner peace our world have to offer.

What's your type of travel to Taiwan? Check out and explore Taiwan here! I promise you they have much more to offer than you ever thought of!

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