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I've probably bore all of you with my fact sheet on Neutrax Original Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide & Neutrax All Natural Theraphy Oil - Culcutured Coconut Extract with Geranium on my previous blogpost.

In this post, I will only be sharing about my experience on consuming or application of this two products.

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Neutrax Original Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide; a premium quality Superfood like no other. It is made through FWC's propriety advanced microaerophillic fermentation process using carefully selected coconut milk that is ethically harvested at a specific maturity.

Instruction: Take 2 spoonful a day.

Taste & smell:  
As much as the benefits attracts me, the taste and smell is quite the opposite.

I dislike the strong smell and taste of oily sweet coconut milk in the form of oil. I have never consumed plain oil just like this before and consuming this coconut extract in the form of oil gives me a nausea feeling due to the taste and smell.

I hope FWC will do something to mask the smell and taste but being the natural ingredient, I doubt there is much which can be done about the original taste and smell. Even though being in liquid form promotes better absorption, I would still prefer them in pills. :D Good news is that they are working towards creating it in soft gel pills! I'll definitely be looking forward to it!

For the time being, my best solution would be to blend them into my Milo kosong everyday. So it's Coconut flavoured Milo kosong everyday. Haha.. It helps to mask most of the smell and taste. I have heard that Coconut Oil + Coffee is good for increasing alertness and energy but it's something I have not tried. I have also tried mixing them into my bowl of Chinese soup but nope, the taste does not blend >.<

Do share if you have more ways to ease the consumption of coconut oil :)

It is said to cleanse, restore & balance the body but of course the effects varies for each individual! Here, I will be sharing about my experience after consuming it for a month!

When I started the consumption, I experienced a frequent bowel movement. It is quite similar to having food poisoning but nothing that serious. I just feel a quick urge to relieve myself off some big business and it was done in just a very short period of time. It continues for 2-3 day while slowing down on the frequency. Hence I would advice to start your consumption on weekends if you're still in the workforce / a student so that you will not have discomfort and inconvenience due to the frequent bowel movement when you are away from home.

As for day to day, bowel movement has been smoother (sorry for the gross info but it's good news! :D). Appetite has also been better (everyone's complaining that I'm too thin and should grow more proteins in my body!). So I guess it's good news as well! Other than that, I have not realized any other changes. Perhaps my 'engine' is still performing quite well at this age!

But hey! All the good changes shows from our appetite and how our body is removing the toxic from our body right? So good things must be happening in my body! :D

I was shown a video of testimonial collection gathered by Felda Wellness Corporation (FWC) but they are available yet on the net. Perhaps you can look out for the release on their youtube channel here.

Neutrax Original Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide is also said to manage diabetes, kills fungus, infections prevents Alzheimer, reduces bad cholesterol, boost metabolisme and more.

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Neutrax All Natural Therapy Oil - Cultured Coconut Extract with Geranium; it's potent formula is 100% plant based, with Bio-lipopeptide. It is all natural, with no chemical substance, mineral free, dematologically tested and clinically validated to protect, nourish and revitalize skin, hair and nails for a healthier and more glowing you! Highly absorbant, with addes Garanium essential oil, which is known to regulate hormones, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, irritation, improve circulation, tighten skin for healthier and more beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Instruction: Apply 3 to 4 droplets on clean and damp skin and massage into skin in gentle circular motion. Apply in the morning and evening for daily use.

Texture & smell:
The texture of one droplet feels oily which is expected but once applied to the skin and massaged evenly, it does not gives the greasy feeling. As described, the oil is highly absorbant and that is probably why it does not leave a greasy feeling.

Smells of refreshing gingerish essential theraphy oil. I was delightful to know that it does not promote  the less pleasant smell of sweet coconut milk as with the Neutrax Original.

Usually I don't like apply oils or lotions on my skin because they feel really greasy but I think I am comfortable with this application. Plus, the smells are really therapeutic. The scent is really calming and hence helps to release stress and promotes better mood :)


Since I'm home most of the time this week, I practice application of Neutrax Therapy oil on my skin for a week. I will share the result from a week's application of twice a day, morning and night after shower. I applied on my face, my bottom half legs, my finger, feet and also nails.

Here's the comparison after 3 days...


after 3 days

My skin is of sensitive type and always face a lot of problem. You name it, I probably have it all. Prone to acne, sensitive skin, dry and oily skin, easy scarring, pigmentation, huge pores, dark eye circles and eye bags. Now let's see how the oil fare on my skin!

Top left picture shows my comparison on the recent pigmentation I got on my face (super bad news >.< That's for not putting on sunscreen since young.) The pigmentation seems to have become more defined but smaller in patch. So it's good news! ^^

Bottom left picture shows scars on some recent acne breakout I got recently. Seems like they heal pretty quickly and there's no bumpy dry patch! Thumbs up!

Top right pictures shows the skin on my leg. The skin on my leg are prone to red patches due to sensitivity reaction after waxing. Hence I would usually apply cacao oil. The Neutrax oil seems to  be a good replacement because it is more soothing and reduce itchiness! Sensitivity also calms down faster. My skin feels more moisturized too but does not feel greasy!

Middle right picture shows my finger nails while bottom right picture shows my toe nails. I am probably low on calcium and when I do not take much milk, my nails seems to break and split easily. My nails feels much stronger now and they do not break or split easily anymore. Looks much healthier too!

So far, application on my skin and nails have shown pretty good effects and I love how it is not greasy but has a very calming and relaxing scent! It is something I would continue to use and recommend to everyone!

The Neutrax All Natural Theraphy Oil - Culcutured Coconut Extract with Geranium is also said to reverse skin aging, promote healing for burns, scars, and more!
I hope my sharing will benefit anyone out there who has doubt on this products and anyone who face the same problem with me! For more info and facts on Neutrax products, check this blogpost!

Remember, if  you take care of our health, you will be glowing from inside out

You can now find Neutrax, these natural wonder products in most leading pharmacies!

Neutrax Original & Neutrax All Natural Theraphy Oil 
Felda Wellness Corporation

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