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Most beauty skincare brands always focus on range such as whitening and anti-aging.

I have sensitive skin but I have not come across any brands which shouts out,"Hey! We provide the best skincare for sensitive skin! Got a problem with sensitive skin? We'll fix it for you!"

Finally, Watsons brings joy to everyone having sensitive skin issue by introducing the all-new revolutionary Derma skincare, Skin Advanced skincare range! I'm really glad to know that this product range is specially developed by a team of cosmetics experts led by Dr.Tadahiro Shimada in Japan!

Launched by Caryn Loh, Watsons Malaysia General Manager of Trading, Danny Hoh, Watsons Malaysia Head of Marketing and joined by Hansen Lee, Sarah Lian, Dr Lim Ting Song and Ms.Milcah Boon.

Dr.Lim shares about how sensitive skin is the cause of most skin problems and how using non-suitable products will not improve the skin condition but worsen the delicate skin condition. According to Dr.Lim, several common reasons for sensitive skin reaction are due to skin disorder condition, allergic skin reaction such as eczema, overly dry skin or excessive exposure to skin-damaging environmental factors such as the sun or wind / excessive heat or cold.

Sarah Lian said that being an actress and television personality, she often get exhausted by running to different working sites everyday and feel knackered by night most of the time. She have been using Skin Advanced products for over two weeks by the time of the launch event and loves how the product focuses on the core basic needs of her tired skin and rejuvenates it for the next day! Her favourite is the facial spray and sleeping mask.

Hansen Lee, a fitness freak and adrenaline junkie was there to confirm that guys today do wear make-up when they are on camera! Due to the busy schedules and outdoor working environment which causes him dehydrated and dull skin, he finally acknowledge the importance of skin care! Deterred by skincare routines which requires much effort dedication, he is more than happy when introduced to Skin Advanced products which helps him maintain complexion and keeps his skin hydrated from inside out in just simple steps

Like most Skin Advanced user, his favourite goes to the Platinum Soothing & Hydrating Spring Spray!

What magic lies within Skin Advanced product range?

Skin Advanced products are infused with "6+ 6-" an advanced process to counterbalance the effect of today's busy lifestyle, providing around the clock protection for even the most delicate skin!

6+ vital skin-friendly natural ingredients added into the products are;
  • Platinum Nano Particles - Boost Skin Hydration
  • Alpine Glacial Water - Soothe & Rejuvenate Skin elasticity
  • Yuzu Ceramide - Repairing and fight environmental damage
  • Resveratol - Enhance skin antioxidant's properties
  • B Glucan - For softer & supple skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - Replenish & lock in moisture

6- common artificial additives and preservatives subtracted from the products are;
  • Chemical Preservative
  • Colorant
  • UV absorbers
  • Fragrance
  • Alcohol
  • Free from Mineral Oil

On the day itself, Watsons provided a skin screening to let us better understand our skin condition. Sad news is that I am prone to pigmentation soon if I do not take care (and true enough, I already have a blotch of pigmentation under my left eyes >.< So fair girls out there, heed my advice! Put on sunblock not because you are afraid of getting dark, put them on to avoid pigmentation on your fair skin!) and that I actually have the big pore gene >.< Explains why my pore condition is so horrible and super horrible from burning the midnight oil or after a round under the hot sun!

I also get to experience their products first hand together with a facial spa at Sembunyi Spa! So relaxing I wish I could just doze off there.. *yawnS*

Sharing from the perspective of someone with sensitive skin, I like how the products feed my skin with just the basic necessities without additives of unnecessary harmful ingredients such as fragrance, alcohol and colorant! It contains all the basic necessities for repairing and maintaining a healthy skin from the core which is all we need!

As expected, the products are scentless and feels gentle on skin. I feel delighted to know that I am only applying beneficial ingredients on my skin! My face absolutely feels rejuvenated, fresh and hydrated after the session!

Here's Geozo and me with a healthy complexion after the face spa! Don't you agree that our skin are looking great even without make up on?

Get your Skin Advance products from the Watsons store near you or just order from Watsons's online store right now!
 Skin Advanced

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