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It was a sunny and lazy weekend but nothing could deter me from yummy food! Not even the crazy hot weather! 

Come join me in discovering Buns and Meat! The place that offers super delicious and mouth watering western cuisine with an additional pinch of passion!

The place which used to be a library is ultimately spacious, providing you with corners of different ambiance from the a relaxing open air cafe style to the frenzy and cozy sofa bench table inside. It probably has everything that suits your mood right then.

Just before you enter, you will be greeted by  an outdoor park picnic style wooden tables and baby blue flip chairs top with the naked bulb. Classic.

If you're feeling chic and going for a casual date, you can choose to hangout by the bar which offers a number of good drink choices ranging from beer, vodka, wine and more. Is is part of the fun, screening through the bottle arranged against the wall, looking out for your drink.

At sight is also a high table with tall benches to keep everyone's attention together during a friendzy gathering or perhaps you can opt for a laid back gathering at the cozy and relaxing sofa corner.

If you need to add a little fun to your outing, there's always the dart machine! Challenge some one to a dart game and win a scrumptious meal perhaps?

The environment sure has a lot to offer but how is the food offered? Are they going to be tantalizing and make your tastbud dance?

The course of the meal was suppose to be as listed but we were stuffed with more good food by the very dedicated and generous owner, Robin!

Runny Mess Burger (RM20.90) -  Pork bacon burger topped with poached egg and covered with cheesy sauce. 

Diverting from the Eggs Benedict served in most cafe, a poached egg is instead infused into the burger on top of a lean pork meat + bacon patty. As if the pork bacon patty was not doing the burger enough justice on its own, a slice of fragrant pan fried bacon and their own flowy cheesy recipe made cheddar cheese and herbs instead of the usual hollandaise sauce was poured above the rest as the last touch, inviting a good appetite.

Served as sides for all burger sets are french fries and a small cup of macaroni in the right amount to give you a complete satisfying meal.

The mixture of cheesy poached egg and pork bacon is soft and dreamy, just right as first meal of the day to gently wake up your taste buds.

Char Siew Burger (RM16.90) - Pork patty topped with a slice of  melted cheese, sweet roasted char siew, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise .

This is where the chinese meets the western in the kitchen and cooks up a fusion burger! The burger is made of slices of roasted Char Siew in perfect proportion of tender meat and fats which was again marinated for the second time with their own special sweet sauce on top of a pork patty with a slice of melted cheese in between and squeezes of mayonnaise.

The house recipe sweet Char Siew sauce soaks right in between the taste buds when I sink my teeth right into this burger. Surprisingly, the burger does not taste too dry but moist from the sauce and mayonnaise, making every bite an enjoyable experience.

If you are a porky lover, this is an absolute must try!

Spicy Korean Ribs Burger (RM16.90) - Pork ribs, lettuce, Korean spicy glaze, pasta and ham salad.

Joining in the Korean kraze, Buns & Meat brings to the menu, the Spicy Korean Ribs Burger! I'm just kidding. I mean.. about joining into the korean kraze. Haha..

Lean meats stripped of the pork ribs dipped in thick sweet and spicy Korean sauce, the burger taste just as good as it looks. One of my utmost favorite among the rest, I'm totally in love with the texture of the stripped and slightly crunchy sweet meat. The addition of tomato and onion slices gives every bite a refreshing feeling.

Grilled Chicken Burger with Black Pepper and Cheese (RM16.90) - Chicken thigh, black pepper sauce, lettuce, fried, pasta, ham salad.

Instead of meats from every part of the chicken especially the breast as always, meat from the chicken thigh was used to create a thick succulent chicken patty. Although grilled, the patty still gives a smooth and moistful texture. This burger is more to the classic with a topping of black pepper sauce, melted cheese, onion rings with a tint of mayonnaise at the top and chili sauce at the bottom. 

The chicken burger taste a lot more toned down in comparison to those above. If you are looking forward to a classic juicy chicken meat burger, this might be it.

If you have read this far, you deserve to know their little secret! Their buns are especially soft and aromatic, you can even just chow down the bun on it's own because one of the star ingredient of their bun recipe is butter!

It's so good, it can even mend a broken heart! <3

Aglio Olio - with Pork Bacon (RM16.90) - cooked penne with seasoned mushroom, bacon bits, onions and shredded parmeson cheese.

Aglio Olio is something that I have ordered only once in my life because a bland pasta is the least I would like to be placed in front of me. Usually just plain and dripped with olive with additional seasoning, that was not the case at Buns and Meat.

The cooked penne here was flavoured with lightly pan fried mixture of sauteed Shimeji mushroom with onion slices, bacon bites  and dried chilli to give a tint of spiciness! The flavoured paste is then garnished with some grated cheese and herbs to increase appetite. Side with a soft garlic bread to start your meal.

Now comes another highlight of Buns & Meat! Hotdog with a variety of toppings you can choose from! So far, I have not come across any eatery that is bold enough to play around with hotdog flavours!

Hotdog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw (RM16.90) - Pork sausage, coleslaw, mustard jalapeno, fries, ham salad.

The German sausages in buns are all made of pork meat with skin more solid to pierce through for a better biting experience. However, I feel that the bites through the grinned meat inside lacks a little solidity, perhaps indicating that the meats were too finely grinned. (Just my perception)

The main topping consist of freshly made coleslaw of bbq flavour topped with a squeeze of mustard and pickled Jalapenos which gives a tint of chilli heat. With a topping of all vegetarian, it balance up the meaty  hotdog bun. It gives a good combination of crunchy vegetables in a strong flavourful sauce together with a soft meaty sausage.

Just like the burger, every set comes with a moderate amount of french fries and a mini cup of macaroni ham salad.

Top left: Hotdog with Sauteed Mushroom & Black Pepper Sauce (RM16.90) - Pork sausage, fries, and pasta salad.

Definitely something new to me, the topping is of mushroom and onion slices sauteed in black pepper sauce. A new taste which blends really well with the sausage and bun. Nothing complicated but a plain taste that focus on giving out a very aromatic mushroom in black pepper sauce flavour in every bite.

Recommended for those who loves the combination!

Bottom Left: Mac & Cheese Hotdog (RM17.90) - Pork sausage, macaroni cheese, crispy bacon, fries, and ham salad.

As described, it is a topping of Macaroni and cheese with bits of crispy bacon for a stronger flavour. The addition of crispy bacon does indeed boost up the flavour but I would love it more if the the cheese flavour could be tune up and more bacons bits added to the topping for the macaroni is something which absorbs the flavours.

Bottom Right: Hotdog with Nacho Cheese Sauce (RM14.90) - Pork sausage, cheesy sauce, chilli sauce nachos, fries, ham salad.

Plates of nachos alone are usually served with condiments of tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream. I have to say this is an ultimate combination in making nachos an all time favourite snack! This was the combination I would expect of a hotdog with nacho.

However, the hotdog served here is with a more casual Nacho Cheese Sauce. The sausage is first topped with their own recipe of flowy cheese used in the Runny Mess Burger and chilli sauce with addition of broken down smaller pieces of Nacho crisp and spring onions. Hence, I would say, the hotdog focuses on bringing out the cheesy nacho flavour.

Still, I would think that the Hotdog Nacho would create a better combination with the condiments of tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream to bring out the best of flavours.

Hotdog with Pork Bacon Baked Beans (RM17.90) - Pork sausage, cheesy sauce, baked beans, tomato sauce, fries and ham salad.

This is one of the more common topping recipe of baked beans cooked in tomato based pasta sauce with addition of bacon strip bits instead of minced meat to enhance the taste. Try this if you are just looking for something near to classic.

Pulled Pork Fries (RM11.90) - It looks like nothing special but I would name this the star dish of Buns and Meat! The specialty and goodness lies in the tender pulled pork meat soaked in bbq sauce topped with cut up spring onions.

Pulled pork is prepared by cooking the meat in a low temperature slow cooker to create tenderness and is then stripped by bits into individual strips. The form of individual strips allows easy absorption of bbq sauce into the meat, creating a strong taste in the meat strips itself.

Every gesture of savouring the fries topped with this pulled pork in bbq sauce probably triggers the foodgasm button and left me wanting for more. It is an irresistible one even when the tummy has no more space for storing.

Definitely a must order during your visit!

Top: BBQ Pork Ribs (RM44.90) - Pork ribs marinated in Bbq sauce for the longest hour before being sent to the stove. Once I taste the meat on my tongue, I could not resist but tighten the grip on the meat and just suck out all the juices and sauce before chewing on the meat. The meats are so tender, I can easily tear them apart from the bone itself without much effort.

So delicious and succulent were the pork ribs, you are bound to put down your fork and knife to start enjoying the ribs with your fingers! Bet that you will lick your fingers clean after that too!

Bottom: Spicy Korean Ribs (RM42.90) - Pork ribs prepared with marination of sweet and spicy Korean sauce, it is a contrast to the bbq sauce which is sweet and salty. 

The glaze of sauce were dried up in the cooking process, creating a thicker sauce and thin crisp on the outside layer. Just as tender, the experience is just as good with the flavour and crisp as the only difference.

If you still have space, you can try out the choice of artisan handmade cake at the bar facing the entrance.

Left: Bailey's Cheesecake (RM13.90) - a smooth layer of dark chocolate to accommodate the light cheese cake with a chocolaty biscuit base to defer from the common.

Right: Salted Peanut Butter Cake (RM13.90) - The right level of saltiness greatly enhance the taste of the peanut butter. Consumed together in a bite, the cream goes really well with the buttery cake to create a balanced texture and flavour.

Overall, my recommendation would be Char Siew Burger, Spicy Rib Korean Burger, Pulled Pork Fries and both Bbq and Spicy Korean Pork Ribs! Porks so good, I think they should be called Porks & Buns instead!

It is indeed a place to watch out for if you're looking for a delicious porky meal as there are not many out there who dares to venture into the pork business, shutting out a big chunk of potential customers out there who can't consume pork.

Buns & Meat 

a: 72A, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Medan Niaga, Tasik Damai, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
 t: +603 9055 3378

h: 12:00pm - 12:00am

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