Thursday, 12 March 2015

We girls like to shop for clothing / beauty products and pamper ourselves with facial / massage / spa treatment and a voucher booklet for all seems like just the thing we need!

So recently I received a Ladies Edition 2014/2015 Coupon Voucher Booklet by Worthybook. It is said to worth more than RM11,000 in freebies & discount vouchers! That's if we actually used all the vouchers? Still, sounds like really good news to me! Save while we spend! 

Let's see if this voucher booklet which cost RM25 is all worth it!

I was excited when I got the book and quickly flipped through the pages! They have some really good brands in there such as Christy Ng / F Block / Colour Culture / Slimming Sanctuary / Jojoba Spa / Himalaya / Sothys / Muse by Watsons / Holika Holika / Shills / SkinLab / Kimarie / Lo hong Ka and etc~

Most of the coupons are giving attractive deals. I've picked out all that I could apply to and look how many there are! There are a lot of trial prices for facials of different brands but too bad I could not really commit to them because all the vouchers ends on 31st March 2015! *cries*

Himalaya's vouchers are quite a deal too! 2 vouchers of Buy 1 Free 1 , a  20% off normal priced item voucher and a free 200ml conditioner/shampoo when purchase 400ml shampoo at normal price voucher.

It's a waste because I don't really buy stuff from Himalaya but my yoga teacher is a fan of their products! She probably has all ranging from toothpaste to bodycare! So.. yay! Vouchers put to good use!

As for myself, I just manage to make use of some vouchers here..

Managed to get a Tilley Goat Milk Soap. It smells milky and really good! I'm getting addicted to anything that smells good and calming! Guess it's because of the stress building up! Lol.

Anyway, RM5 is a total bargain for a piece of Natural Soap. Can't wait to try it out!

Initially wanted to get 2 eyeliner / mascara as well but too bad the shops here don't carry the eyeliner at all (then perhaps they shouldn't put eyeliner in there =/)  and mascara is out of stock. Sad.

Check out the prices for Strip - Ministry of Waxing here under services! 70% OFF gives a super saving!

Especially when you are trying the service for the first time! My first IPL experience @ Strip and it was totally painless! Zero! Nil! Not even ant bites! Their new technology is amazing!

No purchase required! Probably the best deal in the booklet because I don't have to pay for anything! Hehe.. 

Said to help lock in moisture, boost hydration, revitalize skin elasticity and prevent moisture loss! Such an expensive 2ml for once and 2 times use, I'll just let my mom enjoy it ^^

There are still many vouchers which I won't be able to use and it seems like a waste.. So I'll be giving out the vouchers to who ever wants them! Check out the vouchers here and pm me which one you would like to have! I can only meet up at 1 Utama 14 March before 3pm and after 5 pm! Do pm me on facebook!

Although there are many attractive vouchers, there are some with terms and conditions which I frown upon. For example,
  • RM50 voucher only valid for purchases above RM200
  • 2 vouchers from the same brand which is only valid for first time customers which means we can only use either one?
  • 70% off a service but when you enquire, they will inform that the voucher is only for so and so service and not valid for so and so.
  • voucher valid for men only but in the ladies edition. One word: huh? Maybe it's for girlfriends to pamper their boyfriend while saving up. :D
However, inapplicable vouchers could be given to friends and family members to enjoy instead of wasting them :)

Some words of advice would be to buy them while it's hot! I mean as early as possible from the publishing date so that you will have enough time to utilise all the coupons which you want to use. There are a lot of treatment, facial and spa vouchers from different shops. Therefore, you will be able to have enough time to utilize them one at a time

Secondly, you might feel that some vouchers are still costly but trust me, it is worth it for a trial session to clear your doubts before signing a package such as for facial.

Third, there are a lot of vouchers which requires participation of 2 person. Get a friend to join the redemption and it's bonding time!

Fourth, scroll through the vouchers here before deciding whether you want to buy or not and share it with a friend if both of you found interest in different vouchers~

In conclusion, WorthyBook is worth it if you are able to utilise and save more than double the amount you spent on purchasing the booklet. However, I hope WorthyBook could improve and print coupon vouchers which are straight to the point rather than being a little tricky with the terms and conditions.

If you would like to get a booklet of vouchers by WorthyBook, you can check out these book stores; MPH / Times / Borders / Popular / Kinokuniya and or just get them online at ! They come in Food & Ladies Edition! You can also view the coupon vouchers at their website before you purchase them!

Worthy Book

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