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So there was a hype about Coconut Oil, and then the Virgin Coconut Oil and now something better? I've heard whispers of all these benefit of all types of oils but really, never took the initiative to know more about them. Perhaps being a young adult, I was ignorant to all these benefits because I do not find the need for them yet.

Early of the month, I came across an event invitation to Blogger's Brunch with Neutrax and thought to myself; hey! should definitely attend this to find out what these rave about coconut oil benefits are all about!

I feel grateful for taking the initiative to attend this event because I was sold by the end of the presentation! Should definitely not have waited so long to know more about the benefits of coconut oil because they are really SO GOOD! Well, that's the impression I got from the presentation! But then again, it might be because it is not just any other coconut oil / virgin coconut oil but Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide which is a whole new improved formula by FELDA Wellness Corporation Berhad!

Two of the products introduced are;

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Neutrax Original is made from Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide. It is made through a propriety advanced microaerophilic fermentation process using careful selected coconut milk that is ethically harvested at specific maturity.
  • 2 tablespoons daily; unless instructed by doctor or health advisor
  • to be taken on its own or can be mixed with food or beverage
  • also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mother

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Neutrax Theraphy Oil Intense Beauty Care's potent formula is 100% plant based with Bio-Lipopeptide. It is all natural  with no chemical substance, mineral free, dermatologically tested and clinically validated to protect, nourish and revitalize skin, hair and nails for a healthier and more glowing you!
  • deep moisturising for healthy glow
  • protects against extreme weather, environment pollution, and lifestyle stresses
  • regulates sebum production
  • cell renewal and restoration (eg skin with burns & scars)
  • prevents premature aging
  • protects against UVA/UVB oxadative stress
  • rehydrates skin/hair, uneven skin tone, pigmented, sensitive and irritated skin (eg acne, eczema)

Bu there's so many brands of Coconut Oil in the market and each of them claim to have their own specialty! Why should we choose Neutrax?

Neutrax produces their Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE) through advanced proprietary Microaerophilic fermentation process in comparison to the Virgin Coconut Oil through normal cold-pressed techniques.

*fatty acid - Monosaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated Fats, Saturated Fats

*lauric acid - in the body, it will be converted into monoglyceride which disrupt lipid membranes in organism like fungus, bacteria and viruses thus destroying them. (more info: here)

*bio-lipopeptide - remarkable molecule with therapeutic effect which works by scanning the body for nutritional deficiencies or non-optimal cells to detox, repair and restore.

More reasons to choose Neutrax - the 5A benefits :

  1. Anti Microbial - Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, curb infections.
  2. Anti inflammatory - Reduce and manage gout. arthritis, rheumatism, fibroyalga, diabetis.
  3. Anti-oxidant - Prevent Alzheimer, slows aging and promote cell regeneration.
  4. Active Lipid - Reduces bad cholesterol, reduces risk of heart diseases, boost metabolism.
  5. Active Immunity - Manage asthma and severe eczema, speed up recovery process.

  1. Anti-Aging - Reverse the aging process and induce cell regeneration.
  2. Active Healing - Promote healing for burns and scars, cell renewal, restoration.
  3. Active Nutrition - Deeply Nourishes and moisturizes dermis for healthy & glowing skin
  4. Active control - Regulate and correct sebum production - controls acne, eczema, pigmented and irritated skin
  5. Active Protect - Protect skin against pollution and environmental stress

Are you sold yet after knowing all these benefits from consuming 2 spoonful of Neutrax a day? I was not. Not until Mr.Redza Abd. Rahman, Manager of Research & Development department took over the stage.

He shared with us his journey of further research and development of this product with a team in San Francisco, USA and his journey through the critical stage of cancer which hit him but survived and recovered with the consumption of Neutrax Original!

Now let's bring home the Neutrax Original Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide and Neutrax All Natural Theraphy Oil Cultured Coconut Extract with Geranium to try it out! Look out for my next blogpost on my experience with these two natural wonder products!

Neutrax Original & Neutrax All Natural Theraphy Oil 
Felda Wellness Corporation

c: 1-800-222-392

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