Friday, 29 August 2014

Hitting up on a new place! Empire Damansara!

After Boat Noodles, it's coffee break at Seven Cups!

It is a decent place with a nice interior but I have just a little problem with the furniture. They are not exactly comfortable. They have lots of hard 90 degree corners and I probably hit myself on them a few times. *laugh myself silly* Have to be careful around the wheel of the table infront of the counter as the metal on the table leg can easily cause a scratch to your leg.


I am also not a fan of tables where it is the same height as the chair. I like to rest my arms on the table. Maybe it's just the tall girls having these problems. Like.. you know, to support the body. Hahaha.. *shrugs*

It is a nice place for photography though. Spacious as well but does not cause echos and a noisy surrounding. Maybe everyone is polite there, controlling their voice level.Usually have a decent amount of patrons which brings to the next problem; not enough tables to go around during rainy weathers >.<

This photo was taken using the Sony Experia Background Defocus app. It looks great in a small frame but when you enlarge it, you see the defects. Still, I guess it is still amazing for a app to be able to detect which part to blur off.

The coffee is more to acidic. The more I'm hopping around cafes, the more I realise I like my Flat White with acidic coffee rather than bitter ones. So, yea. The Flat White here is pretty fine for me except that my tolerance towards their caffeine level is low. In other words, the caffeine level is quite high for me.

They also serve waffles but I have not tried their waffles. Will give it a try the next round and add them to this post.

#cafehopkl :)

G-25, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana
47820 Sungai Buloh.

By the way, went to a makeover+photography event last weekend and it was awesome fun!

This was taken beside Seven Cups! Sui bor? (which means pretty or not in Hokkien. Lol!)

If you are interested to get a professional photoshoot for an amazingly cheap fee + free lunch + great fun, check out my photography event post here!

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