Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Planned to go for brunch at the Red Bean Bag in Publika after hearing all the good review. Sadly, it was crazy packed and the wait was estimated at 25 - 30 minutes before there will  be a table for us.

I decided not to wait since some one is super hungry at that moment.. When we have a hungry man, we get a very angry man >.<

Seeing O'Briens is just at the opposite, we decided to try it out. It looks like a place that makes good sandwiches and breakfast meals! 

Browsing through their menu and selections, I was kind of disappointed that they do not have much choice for a vegetarian. I thought I'd just settle for a Mushroom Quiche

When I place my order, they told me that they do not have Mushroom Quiche. I was a little puzzled. I peeked at the food bar and return my gaze to the cashier. Apparently those on display are really just for 'display'. They are not good for consumption anymore.

I am actually quite shock to find out that they are keeping food which are not edible anymore in a sealed compound where other "still edible" food are kept.

Le sigh. What to eat now? Nothing else vegetarian is filling. So I just settled for a Cranberry Oatmeal Muffin (RM5.80) just to get rid of my hunger first. The muffin taste pretty dry and worse of all, I can actually taste the rancid oil when munching the nuts!

Boyfie ordered their Classic Triple Decker (RM16.80). He's a really fast eater and usually, he would have been done with his meal before me. This time around, he doesn't seems to be very happy with the serving.

The toasted bread was not soft and fluffy but was a little rubbery and hard to chew on. Kind of like breads which have been exposed to the air for days. In another words, the slices of breads were very much not fresh / stale. 

The combination of the sandwich was also very dry. I'm not sure if it was the dry bread of the dry filling but basically the whole sandwich taste awful. I could probably prepare a more edible sandwich at home.

By the sound and look of it, this outlet doesn't seems to be doing well at all. Everything taste like near expiry. At the price they demand for their food, I'm sure everyone is expecting fresh food to be served here. This is my first and will probably be my last experience.

Very very disappointed with this visit.

O'Briens Publika
Level G3, Publika
1 Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur


Namoo! Even the name is super adorable! Haha.. It was quite sometime ago when I visited this place. It says of Authentic Korean food but it seems like a Korean + Western Fusion to me.

Environment was nice and comfortable, lighting created a warm ambiance. They even have a bag hook under the table! How thoughtful of them!

White Cream Omuto (Chicken) RM 19.90 -    This fried chicken fillet with rice wrapped up in an omelet and laid with white cream is actually quite yummy but as I eat, I get a little bloated. The portion is quite huge and the cream is what gets me bloated I guess. In the end, I couldn't finish the whole serving. I would prefer if the chicken was fried golden brown but not too over fried.

It is something I would try for the first time but won't be ordering again.

Bibi Rice Burger (RM19.90) - Mom ordered this. First time trying a Rice Burger. Everything was quite yummy except the rice burger itself. Chewing on the rice burger feels like chewing on hardened rice. It was the surface of the rice burger which is hard. Like technically hard, like those leftover rice sticking to the rice cooker pot (if you get what I mean). Not sure if it was that one preparation that ruined the rice burger or it's meant to be like that? Either way, we didn't like that and thought it wasn't chewable and inedible.

Other than that the patty was soft and juicy.

End of the meal, maybe Korea Fusion just isn't for me. Just like the cafe environment!

Namoo On the Park
Lot 4A, Level G3 S.Dutamas (Publika),
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Mon – Sun:11.00 am till 10.00 pm



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