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Thanks to #ButterflyMsia, I get to attend the introduction of Himalaya's Neem Range Facial Care Products!

It was really informative and fun! I've tried the products for 2 weeks and let's see what's the result in the end!

It was like the beginning of a detoxification process! It was held at Fuwa Fuwa in Jaya One. When we arrive, we were served with Green Tea! Ah~ my favourite! <3

Here, we were introduced to the traditional way of how Tumeric Powder and Neem Leaves was used as a remedy for beautiful skin!

Apparently, it was a long ago tradition passed down in India that consumption of pounded Tumeric Powder + Neem Leaves give you acne n blemish free skin and many other benefits!

Here, we have a volunteer, Rina who will pound n mix the Neem Leaves + Tumeric Powder + some water the traditional way and she with 2 other who volunteered will try how it taste like!

Tadaa! The result of the pounded mixture. Definitely doesn't look very appetizing and easy to swallow! >.<

The expression of the three brave musketeers after braving the taste of the mix! Hmm.. they don't look like they like it. Hahaha..

Well, thanks to Himalaya, we will be able to get the goodness of Neem Leaves BUT without going through these awful experience!

After that, we were introduced to Neem Leaves and the benefits of it, how these Neem Range Facial and Body Care product will do us good!

After some introduction on the products and the main ingredient, we were treated to Cookie Deco & Story Telling Time! Felt like a kid again! Suddenly I have to dig out my schooling time artsy fartsy side again!

Tadaa! So what do you think? It looks like a tree with mustache on fire. Lol..

Interested to know what lame story I cracked up? Here it goes..

There was once a tree which was bald when it was born. He thought that the time to grow leaves will come when he gets old enough but sadly, nothing changed as he grew into teenage hood. Without leaves to shelter it's trunk and branches, the tree started to get all kind of diseases on it's barks.

Finally, one day, the tree asked the sky,"Mr.Sky, you are so high up you should be very wise! Why am I without leaves? The weather and the horrible pollution is starting to eat up on my skin!" The wise Mr.Sky replied,"Young one, I will grant you leaves but you will have to promise me to help the others with the same faith." Mr.Sky works his magic and soon the tree started to grow Neem Leaves!

The tree was soon free of bark sickness and became one of the most graceful tree around! It was really happy and starts to produce more Neem Leaves and spread them around to help people with Acne + Blemish prone skins!

Zzz~ I see people falling asleep from my story.
Here's all the very pretty decorated X'mas Tree Biscuits! Yums! Looks pretty and yummy right? Too bad they are not edible anymore :(

I have no confident of winning one of the most nicely decorated category at all but guess what! My Christmas + Neem Hybrid Tree got me Neem Toothpaste and Eye Make-up Remover! Yay!

After that, we were even fed with yummy sandwiches and hotdogs! Yumz!

So what is it I learn from this event? I'll do a brief introduction on Himalaya and their new product range's main ingredient; Neem Leaves before we venture into the products!

I used to work as a retail assistant and would often pass by the Himalaya shop. I would notice the shop but never knew much a bout it. Thought it was just some supplement pills shop but I was so wrong! I'm really glad to be given the chance to know what Himalaya is really about.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is actually a company that uses the modern science in the development of herbal products! I never knew about this and now I really like the foundation of how this company was formed! I have always believe in traditional remedies of herbal products and their benefits! It is always better than using synthetic ingredients in a remedy, right?

The Neem Tree a.k.a. Nimtree is native to India and has been used over two millennia for their medical properties.The Nimtree leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots have been said to posses uncountable usage including as treatment for inflamation, infection, fever, skin disease and even dental disorder!

Nimtree leaves are believed to be have properties of antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory that creates a holistic acne against acne and pimples!

For centuries, the remedy of tiresomely crushing Neem Leaves and then applied to the skin to treat acne and improve skin has been continuously practiced till today! But with the crazy busy schedule life right now, who actually have the time to repeat this remedy although it sounds crazy beneficial?

Well, with the help of Himalaya, we actually don't have to do this tiresome routine anymore! All we have to do is apply the Himalaya regime for a pimple free and smooth skin!

Sounds great, right? Let's take a look at the simple steps we have to take everyday!

Begin with my pale just wake up face. I swear I've tried to look the best I could but still look like I just got off bed >.< Oh, just to inform that this was a great time to try out the Himalaya routine for me! It was during pre-menstrual time, which is the duration where my face is most prone to acne, pimples and blemishes! With lack of sleep and stress from work as well, you can actually see that a few red spots have take up a cozy place on my face.

I started off with the (1) Purifying Neem Face Wash ( RM 27.90 - 150ml / RM16.90 - 100ml). As you can see, it is a soap free herbal wash to remove impurities and and prevent pimples. It's main active ingredients are Tumeric + Neem that control pimples and eliminates acne-causing bacteria!

Skin feels soft and supple after every wash! Skin has been less oily thru out the day which I love!

Next up (2) Purifying Neem Scrub (RM27.90 - 150ml). This dual exfoliation and purifying scrub consist of Apricot granules that gently scrub away blackheads, dead skins, and embedded impurities!

Applied this on my slightly wet face and it does not feel too rough on my skin. Remember to scrub softly whenever you are using face scrub because face skin is delicate. My skin feels so much smoother and clearer after! Can see visibly less blackhead.
Followed by (3)Himalaya Neem Pack (RM27.90 - 150ml). Apply the mask pack evenly onto the face at least once a week! You can also apply on the acne / pimple areas to subside and reduce the blemishes!

The face mask helps to clear up clogged pores, rejuvenates and firms up the face! It does feels a little minty when applied because  it also contains Fuller's Earth that cools and soothes the skin after the Neem+Tumeric clears up the acne causing bacteria!

I apply full coverage 2 times a week and only on spots whenever there is any acne or new blemishes on my skin. Leave it on to dry and rinse after. When rinsing, the dry mask texture felts a little like scrub. After rinsing off the mask, the face feels really soft and supple! Cannot stop poking my own face. Haha.. Really addictive to touch!

Mud mask usually gives a very stinging smell sensation but Himalaya's Purifying Neem Pack smells decent. When applied, it also gives out a little cooling effect on the face.

After the 3 steps. my face feels totally fresh and it's almost time to start the day! Visible reduced redness on my skin ^^

Then it's time to apply the Toner - (4)Deep Cleansing Astringent Lotion (RM27.90 - 200ml) It helps to control oil secretion and keep skin oil-free which are one of the major problem for clogged pores and acne skin!

With just 4 Easy Steps, you are on your way to acne / blemish free and smooth skin!

Here's my face after 2 weeks of using Himalaya's Neem Range! Take note that my skin is prone to acne and blemishes especially during Pre-Mensturation and Mensturation Period. During this testing period, I feel that the outburst of acne and blemishes were under control even though it has been stressful and I had been after midnight sleeps for 2 weeks. If it wasn't for Neem, skin would usually looks like dooms day  >.< Acne everywhere and I won't feel like leaving home with a face like that.

Did I also tell you that there are other Neem products you can get? Make use of these products and get the most out of Neem Tree benefits! There is the Himalaya Protecting Neem and Tumeric Body Wash (RM22.90 - 400ml / RM12.90 - 200ml) which is a soap free herbal formulation that has antibacterial properties, leaving your skin clean and fresh! Other product include the Himalaya Neem and Almond Protecting Lotion, Himalaya Purifying Foaming Face Wash, Dental Cream Toothpaste, Himalaya Neem Eye Make-up Remover and etc!

Head over to any Himalaya store now to know more! ^^

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