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The organiser is a scammer (Allan Loo). Please beware. 

All those who work for him might now know that he is a scammer. 

If he asked you to look for participants, don't. All the promises about ipad, shu uemura / skII set is just a lie to lure you.

If you need more clarification, please message me on facebook!~


Have you ever experienced a professional Makeover+Photoshoot? Those who answered no, I'm with you.

Sorry, I lied. I just did yesterday.

Well, that is if I didn't take into account that macam yes potrait shoot I had many many years back. I still remember it was one of the counter cosmetic  brand which was running a small 'promotion'. My mom was required to make a purchase above a certain amount and she will be entitled to get a 'portrait shoot + make-up' for RM50. Mom was being lovely and treated me to it. The photos came out with me looking like a China porcelain wrapped in a furry collar jacket. Not a very nice memory. 

Never thought I would have a chance to experience a real professional Makeover+Photoshoot. Maybe just flip through magazines and dream about it. Hahaha.

I stop dreaming yesterday. Everything became a reality! <3

Thanks to Jacqueline who recommended me to The First International Makeover

Before I went for this event, I really did not know what to expect. I have to admit that I was a little worried about how the photos would turn out. Not because I doubt their professionalism but because I have a face problem get uneasy in front of the camera and could only manage a fake porcelain smile. =/

On that day, I arrived at Empire Damansara earlier than scheduled. Waited for a bit before I was led up to this humble SoHo unit where a few makeup/hairdo artist from Celebre was busy setting up their utensils for the day. By the look of all the tools, I can tell that they are really serious about their service.

Before they work their magic on me, they did politely asked if I have any preference or look I would like to achieve by the end of the makeover. I never thought about that and would rather leave the decision to these professional girls. The result turn out amazing! The makeup was moderate, not too heavy and the hair was feminine. I love what they did and it really goes well with my dress! <3

When the makeover was done, I had a little chat with the people there and they explained further about this event to me. They were all very nice people and they told me not to worry because the purpose of this event is to really reach the goal of 1 million participants. Not to 'lure' people into joining this event with a RM50 fee and then hard sell whatever services or products. I find it funny that they have to explain this to me because I really didn't thought of that. Lol. I guess with all kinds of 'promotion' and 'trial' going on in the market, some people might really have the perception that this event is running through this marketing strategy as well.

Mr.Sun was pretty mighty and harsh that day so we were treated to lunch first to give sometime for the weather to soften down. It was korean food at San Nae Deul. I don't usually take korean food in Malaysia because I have not really eaten one which I think is nice. Also because I can't take food which are too spicy and I definitely can't take kimchi. So I opted for the safest choice! JjaangMyeon+OrangeJuice. It turned out pretty yummy! I was having lunch there with a girl I met at this event, Connie and she told the Bbq here is quite nice too! I guess I could give it a try next time! 

Then it was time for photoshoot!!!!! The sun was still pretty harsh so Mr.TJ choosed a few spot with nice lighting. Actually there are many spots in Empire Damansara which can give a nice background and view. I really love that place! Very comfortable and the environment, it isn't like in Malaysia at all. 

I went second because I was chicken shit! Hahaha! I probably gave Mr.TJ a hard time with my awkward expression in front of the camera. lol. He was told first hand that I have never had a photoshoot before and he was really nice and patient with me. Taught me how I should pose and slowly lead me into the expression he was looking for by creating scenarios and telling me things I should think about.

Sent me one of the shot right at night! Teaser he said. I can't wait to see the rest!

Mr.TJ from TJ&CO is a very professional photographer who usually shoots for magazine spread and now he is shooting for me! Super lucky or what? I mean, if I were to engage a random photographer to shoot for me, I would easily need to pay him around RM800 per session, right? I can't really believe that it only cost RM50 to get this package including photography by TJ&CO! A photographer who usually only shoot high profile artist and models but he is here now taking my picture, patiently guiding me. I am really thankful for this. Really. Thank you, TJ :)

The photoshoot actually went quite fast. The skill of professional photographers always fascinate me. They know what they want to capture and they can capture it within a few shots. Unlike me, I still need to go photoshop my pictures before I can post them. Lol.

The whole session actually ended quite early. Around 2pm.  But then because they just got the official T-shirts, they asked is we could stay for a couple more hours so that they could take a group picture with the first batch of participants wearing the T-shirt. Because they were really nice people and because today was a very eventful for them compare to previous days, I agreed to stay. ^^

While waiting, a got a few more shots by Mr.David who is the event photographer! He is another outstanding photographer with amazing talent! While taking photos of me, he showed me a lot of pointers as well and he is really a natural at making you feel at ease! I think that is a really important skill for photographers dealing with people who don't appear much in front of the camera / camera shy people.

Potrait shot

Half body shot

Candid shot

I love all of them!

Here's more photos from behind the scene and of other participants!

and lastly, the group shot!

Our faces are all quite small in this picture but I can tell you that we all had an amazing time there. a very big thank you to The First International Makeover Event and the whole event crew!

Did I just make your heart skip a beat?

This is not a money making event but a record breaking event who just wants to give 1 million people to have the opportunity to get professional hairdo, makeup and photoshoot for RM50~  I am not a natural in front of the camera but I took the chance to see what I can achieve. Life is too short to not take chances! If you are like me, you should grab this opportunity too! They don't always come our way.

Feel free to send me a message on my facebook @ or send me an e-mail @ if you have any questions or are interested to join this record breaking event

Just for RM50, you will get a professional Make up, Hair Style n Photoshoot! Not only that, you get the limited edition "1,000,000 Record Breaking" T-shirt and a free lunch set at San Nae Deul in Empire Damansara!

Hurry up and contact me because I am only looking for 25 participants! You have until 30 Aug 2014 to let me know you're interested to be part of this event!!


Event facebook:

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