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Last year, I had one of my most enjoyable travel so far! It was my first time visiting Japan and there's so much I've discovered about Japan. My first impression from visiting Japan, my first discovery about Tokyo, Japan.

1. McDonalds

The McDonalds in Japan is so much more fun than our Minion-Toys-McDonalds! You can not only get pork burgers but you can have milk with a fun milk box with Ronald doing a Egyption dance on it and you can have sakura theme burger, drinks and desserts! If you love yummy milk, you can also try Meiji's Oishii milk - おいしい  from the supermarkets~

2. The other Hachiko story

I was on the trip with my aunt and she told me the story of her fist time searching for Hachiko (ハチ公). Due to some reason, she was not able to find Hachiko. Hence, she approached an elderly man for directions. She ended up in front of a Pachinko (パチンコ) store. Pachinko is a recreational / gambling arcade comparable to slot machines in the west. I can't help but laugh at her story! Next time if you ever ask for directions to Hachiko, make sure you are pronouncing it right. My guess is Pachinko is more famous with the elderly. *laugh with tears in eyes*

3. Japanese are very generous to guest

Just like the Chinese, they will prompt to order and offer you more food once the table is clear / once you put down your cutlineries. So, eat slowly or else you will get yourself stuffed up pretty bad! Lol. Sorry for the lame joke.

4. These umbrellas are everywhere!

It drizzles every now and then and get little heavier everyday but never heavy downpour like in Malaysia. When we were there, we were like, "oh shit! never bring umbrella!". Actually, it is nothing to worry about. Almost at every corner of the city, you see these umbrellas selling outside convenient stores and at train stations for a very very cheap price. I I'm not mistaken, it's probably 150yen / 200 yen which is equivalent to RM4.50 / RM6 ? Damn cheap, right? Can buy and throw. I'm just kidding but at the rate where we always forget our umbrella, at least we won't feel a heartache for losing something 'expensive'.

 5. They turn you into Gundam & Hello Kitty fans.

I'm not the I wanna buy every Hello Kitty! fan but everything is so cute there! Suddenly you see yourself going, omg! how can they make this so cute! I want a Hello Kitty! or at least a picture with Hello Kitty. and then when you go outside, you saw a huge life size Gundam! and you go Oh, man! That's so cool! Can I bring it back to my backyard?! 


6. Everything is delicious!

Every place you dine in, the food is absolutely delicious! No kidding! I rarely come across any fusion restaurant that can cook so well that the fusion actually blends in! But at this restaurant in Odaiba, it felt like they are doing it so effortlessly! Yummy!

7. Slurping is manner to the chef.

If you think you should not make any sound when eating to be polite, you are so dead wrong. When the chef see you eating quietly like a mouse, he would be very very upset! Apparently, slurping your ramen shows that the ramen is too darn delicious to be eaten politely!  2 other things I found out from the ramen shop is; there's a thing called Tsukemen, which is Ramen dipped in broth! I love it! The other thing is, the way their egg is cooked is like Godlike! it's gooey orangy and so heavenly!

8. They are Crepe crazy!

This is at Harajuku. Everyone tells me that I should try their crepe when ever I go to Japan! It's true that the line never cease to decrease but I find the hype about the crepes a little overrated! I've tried it. It is delicious but not really something to go hoo-ha about though. Maybe it's the expectation I created before I tried it. But still, I ate 2 crepes while I was in Tokyo.

9. Tsukiji Market

Everyone thought that to enjoy the freshest sushi, you have to reach Tsukiji market at 6 or 7 a.m. in the morning but that is such a wrong perception! If you go there near noon, there are still crazy lines outside every small sushi store except... the store which is not selling sushi. #Truestory

10. This is how a wasabi looks like.

Would you believe me? no? But it's true! I'm 101% sure that it's a wasabi because it is written there わさび! wa-sa-bi! My aunt didn't believe me..

11. Fascinating Vending Machine

This is the second time I'm fascinated by vending machines. The first time was in Venice and they have this vending machine with at least 30 cigarette brands! Japan is well known for having vending machine for almost everything sellable and they give you so many choice for it!!

12. Ginkgo

You can  pick up ginkgo along the street and collect enough to cook a pot of Chinese dessert drink. Ginkgo fruits are very expensive in Malaysia but in Japan, they are practically free! Remember to go collect your fair share of Ginkgo when you are in Japan! Just kidding..

13. Marinated Pork Slice Rice

I LOVE the pork slice rice in Japan! I cannot stress this enough! It is just so super yummy! You can get it from 24 hours convenient stores like 7-11 or Family Mart or just at Yoshinoya! I think I could eat that  and ramen everyday in Japan. I think I spent most of my money on food in Japan.

14. Kawaii!

Everythins which falls under the Kawaii category will sell very well. I think maybe more than 1/2 of everything in Japan is Kawaii. That is how big this word is in the Japan dictionary. I guess they need a lot of Kawaii stuff to de-stress and make themselves happy :) .

15. Convenient Store food is delicious.

I would trade food packs bought from Family Mart / 7-11 for any meal bought in Malaysia coffee shops. That is how delicious their food packs are! If I walk into the local 7-11 store, I would have lost my appetite before I decide to get any. The only thing yummy edible in our local 7-11 is Maggi Cup.

16. Pedestrians flocks the road of Shibuya.

There population in Tokyo is so high that it creates human jam everywhere. There are so many people crossing the Shibuya crossroads that you can still see people crossing even when the light turns red for pedestrian crossing. The amount of cars that pass by the road? Probably Just less than 1% of the amount of pedestrians who crosses the road.

17. Please smoke at the designated corner.

Smoking freely is not allowed in the open public. Smoking sections are everywhere in Tokyo and if you feel like lighting a ciggy, you have got to find the smoking corner. I LOVE this concept! No more 2nd hand smoker problem or hazardous health problem to non-smokers caused by smokers. You wanna smoke, you get more than you ask for! So much smoke! Haha..

18. All Japanese sleeps in the train.

It looks weird but is definitely real. Every train I board, almost all passengers falls slumber and the amazing thing is, they wake up when the train reaches their destination! Wow.

19. Hello Kitty can make you go broke.

They have like hundreds of these Hello Kitty collectibles. If you were to really collect them all, it would cost you a bomb because they are definitely not cheap! They make a lovely souvenir to little girls though. Which little girl doesn't like Hello Kitty?

20. Ramen Vending Machine

That's right. A ramen vending machine! If you can't read Japanese, you are probably doomed! Nah, you just get less choice and waste more time trying to match the words to the picture. Haha. There is actually more broth to just the usual pork bone broth. They have seafood broth / seafood pork broth / beef broth / etc.. So be careful if there are any ingredients which you cannot take.

There you go! 20 things I discovered about Tokyo! Although mostly is about food. Lol.

One more bonus point I'd like to add in; Daiso in Japan is darn cheap! Only 100yen which is like RM 3.30 while it cost RM5 flat here.

If you are going to Japan, enjoy your travel and get the most out of it!You'll be amazed I'm assured!

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