Thursday, 14 August 2014

Everybody is born equal into this world.

We all came naked and we won't be able to take anything with us when we leave.


Quite an outdated post but here it is! We have all tried porridge / herbal soup / tomyam / etc steamboat but have you tried PUMPKIN steamboat before?! No, right? Me too! First time! 

I've always passed by this Pumpkin Garden Steamboat Kitchen opposite the Taman Maluri Aeon / Jusco Mall but never really took the initiative to try it out even though I'm really curious how it taste like.

Finally, my high school mates decided to have a gathering dinner there! Great idea!

 We went for the Pumpkin Porridge steamboat base. Although it's called Pumpkin Porridge, there's no rice / porridge in there. Just a thick pumpkin soup.Maybe they didn't call it soup because in Chinese term, soup is usually very watery and never thick.

They have set and also ala-carte.  Since there are so many of us, it makes sense to just take the set which is RM16.90 / pax and add some other items from the menu! What you see in the menu is what you get but the portion is not fixed as shown. It depends on how many pax you order.

Moreover, we don't have to cook ourselves here! We just need to occupy ourselves with socialising and let them do the professional cooking. Haha.

If we were the one who cook, we would have a burnt steamboat instead. Lol. The pumpkin porridge need to be stirred overtime so that the base will got get overcooked, stick to the bottom of the pot and get burnt.

They are also familiar with the type of ingredient they need to put in first till the last for most yummy experience! For us, we would usually just put in what we would want to eat first. Haha..

The egg was also mixed into the Pumpkin Porridge to create a smoother texture! I know it might look less appetizing with the yellow gooey colour but believe me, it actually tasted quite nice! I was too busy eating after this to take anymore pictures!

do not expect much from the restaurant environment. It looks very much like an average Chinese Restaurant. Parking is also quite limited there. Hence, it is always good carpool and to go there early :)


Pumpkin Garden Steamboat
No. 86 D,E & F,
Jalan Cheras, Batu 2 ½,
56100, Kuala Lumpur
(Opposite of AEON Taman Maluri Cheras)
Tel: +60392838868 / 0162812626 / 0122828668
Business Hours: 5pm till 1am (open daily)



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